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Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Thousand Splendid Suns (Michelle)

After The Kite Runner, I knew I was a Khaled Hosseini fan.I had decided that I would read A Thousand Splendid Suns, come what may! The way Kite Runner tugged at my heartstrings made me positive that every book he writes would leave me overwhelmed.I got to admit, reading A Thousand Splendid Suns got me so hooked to his intricate ways of weaving through words that every page was a new thrill, every scene formed into virtual pictures.It takes you to the reality of a world that exists, out there, in Afghanistan.Far away from our day to day comforts.
It narrates the story of two women.Mariam and Laila, who are brought together by fate, to hold onto eachother through the series of events that present themselves that are beyond horrifying.Its during this time, that they find solace in eachother.

Khaled Hosseini also sheds light on the culture in Afghanistan, the different dialects, the people, the food.
I finished the book in 2 hours because I just couldn't put it down! At the end, I cried.It took me on such an emotional journey.
To think that girls my age, go through a lifetime of pain and sadness and things that I can't even imagine!
I would totally suggest everyone to read this book.I can feel the emotion with which the author has written the book.I can't wait for his next one!
For a more detailed synopsis, go to
* Kite Runner has also been made into a movie, so be sure to watch it.Its in Farsi with English subtitiles


  1. i loved kite trying to get my hands on this one :)

  2. that was wonderful,will read it now

  3. Hey... have read Kite Runner and it was amazing... also checked out the movie... it was in English though... wasn't aware that there were two versions... regardless an amazing story!

  4. I've heard so much abt this book, now I wanna read it too. tnxx Michi!


  5. Hi,Mich- you won't believe this coincidence- just today, I was doing a quiz(google zindabad), about 'A thousand splendid suns',which had questions like' who was the main protagonist',what does Laila find in the package,etc. I read the review on wiki,finished the quiz, faxed it to the local mag,and,opened BUF.

    And, here's your book review on the same,with most of the answers I was looking for.hehe.

    Nice review- let's see when I get to read the book.

  6. It's an AMAZING book - I loved it and it had my crying helplessly and shaking with anger at the torment these women went through.

    Want to see the movie of the Kite Runner...

  7. i heard its good book..plan to read it even bought it...but first have to finish lord of the ringss...which is one humungous task.....
    btw mala had already done a book review of this sometime back!!

  8. (sidenote: at times, i feel like seeing how exactly do ppl cry while reading a book or watching a movie :D)

    sounds like a moving book.
    The thing is (and this might be a bit of digression) even in India, women do go through extremes..something we cant even imagine living in our safe cucoons..but all that interests our policiticans is securing their votebank - either through regional divide or through the religion nonsense. What a frigging shame!

  9. vishesh,

    please do :)






    oh cool! i din know ther was an eng version...i somehow feel u shud watch the farsi version..really gets u into the whole situation


    read it quickkk


    ooo are there any quizzes online? and wiki must have answered ALL ur questions hehe


    i knooo there were sooo many emotions...i wanted to killlllll those ppl! i was sooo angryy


    haha yes finishing lotr is a huge task...good luck with tht...ehehe and yeah i know mala did a review on this book but i was just soo into this book i had to write about it :P


    arey make any girl watch/read 'a walk to remember'. the waterworks will begin to flow :P i know certain things happen in india too...certain customs tht seem so cruel! like blaming women and punishing them for famines (which happens in certain villages) and the punishments are inhuman!

  10. Hi,Mich..well,this particular quiz was prize-based for a mag.And,yes,wiki did answer all the questions.haha.But,since I won a prize in the same contest,just 2 months ago,I doubt I'll win again so soon.hahaha.:)

  11. I saw the movie too! It was nicely made. And I'm currently reading a thousand splendid suns. Awesome books. the first line of ur post is what I would say about me being a Khaled Hosseini fan too!

    By the way, I jus finished the great gatsby and made a small review like post on my chotasa blog :)

  12. amit,

    ooo...thats cool...i hope u win again :P

    red soul,

    i love reading reviews (esp on books) so ill be sure to check it out thanks!

  13. Looks like a good one .. I might try getting my hands on it sometime soon! (maybe over the summers ;p)