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Friday, February 1, 2008

Word:Smile: AmitL(Part II)

(Is one of the above 'smileys' you, by any chance,BUFers?)

After reading some neat posts from Keshi,Raj,Michelle,Uttara,Vishesh and Loon Gal(See,that makes it six active BUFers,I'd say) on smiles(Your second post,awaited,Loon Gal),and waiting for a few days to see more 'smiles' from others,I thought I'd 'smile' and finish my second post. So,here goes:

5 Questions people ask that make me smile:

1. At a bakery: Is the bread fresh?
(Imagine the baker saying 'No,Sir,I was about to throw it in the bin,but,please buy it).

2. At a cinema hall: Hi,there,come to see the movie?

(Imagine me,putting on a straight face and saying' Nah,I love to see serpentine queues at the box office,and come here everyday after visiting the temple.' Or' Nah, I'm doing black ticketing- 100 ka many do you want?)
3. On a jogging track: 'Hi, out for a walk?'
(Imagine me replying' Nah, I was on an AI flight and the pilot ejected me and I landed here-where am I?)

4. At the railway station, boarding Rajdhani Express to Mumbai: "Hi, going to Mumbai?"
(Imagine me looking horrified- 'nooo...I thought this was the Delhi Rajdhani- will the driver turn it around if I request him sweetly?')

5. At work:(Me,deeply absorbed in work,as I was all of last week,hence,couldn't blog/post much): *Phone rings*- 'Hello, Mr. Amit. Are you busy?'
(Imagine me saying' No- I'm just sitting here,killing flies and waiting for you to call')

5 Scenes which made me smile in the first month of 2008:

1. KG-going kid of a friend,watching "Om Shanti Om" on TV and telling me' Uncle, do you know, Shah Rukh gets fire in his bums,when he rescues the heroine?'

2. Seinfeld the serial- Kramer invents a male undergarment for George's Dad,since he has jiggling,err,orbs,and calls it the 'male Bro', and, George's Dad calls it the 'Mansierre'.(It sounds much funnier when the demonstrate it while speaking,though.LOL)- I love that show,even though Seinfeld is pretty obnoxious sometimes.

3. Me trying to pick up the garbage bag from our garbage bin,which was overfilled,and,the bottom of the bag,err,bottoming out,and me trying to frantically salvage the falling debris.(LOL-it was annoying when it happened today,but,in five minutes,I was smiling at the scene.)

4. Reading about the 'lungi brigade' in a local paper. Read about it in my blog.

5. Loon Gal's post,and,the pic of the lil guy wrinkling his nose and asking' did you smile today'?(i must print that one and keep it under my keyboard at work!Thanks,LG)

What makes me smile usually:

Oven-fresh posts from BUFers,each time I drop by and see a new post.
What made me smile today and feel thrilled(When I read the first parts of Ishi's post):

The thought that this is post number 450 on BUF...I hope,I pray,I wish I'll write the 500th one,too,and before March....but,that means,let's see..*goes to archives,sees first post of 08.03.07 from Ishi,does some quick mental maths*-for that, we would have 29+7=36 days to go-2 posts on 14 days and one post a day on the rest,till 07.03- not sooo tough,na?

So,buck up,folks- a post a day(minimum) keeps the ennui away,you know.
Ishi,after a few months of being a part of BUF,I'm sure I know which people BUF really makes a difference for,I'm not sure about why some just pay 'flying visits' and disappear for days on end,but,rest assured,I'm going to be around-very much so. Keshi,are you listening?You'd better be back,too!As Ishi says,BUF wouldn't be the same without you around.(And,don't you feel guilty-you inspired so many of us to join in,and,now you want to walk away?*smiles*-it's 'just not cricket' as they say.

Till next time,keep smiling,all!


  1. Loon Gal's post,and,the pic of the lil guy wrinkling his nose and asking' did you smile today'?**** was a damn cute pic..:)I hv already pasted as the wall paper on my cellphone...:)

  2. i got one

    i meet someone i haven met for a really long time and they go ''hey! what are you doing here''?

    what ELSE wud i be doing at a music store? reproducing?

  3. haha Michi!

    Nice one Amit :)

    ok I know I know...I should be smiling hehe. Well I chucked a spaz cos I had to. Look how much of a storm I cooked up LOL! So many posts in few days haha..great! So Amit, didnt my Goodbye post really achieve us all a SMILE. Wut say? :)

    HUGGGGGGGGZ n ty! tnxx for showing how much u truly care abt me as a friend...that means alot to me...Michi, Silvara, Ishi, Uttsy,Jitterz, Cheesy, Vish, Darsh and Ish truly do care too. I know. I LOVE U GUYS!


  4. Hi,'re a step ahead of me..I'll do that today.

  5. Hi,Keshi-why just a goodbye post-any post from you elicits a smile from me,either the full post,or a section of the post.:)Great to see u'll be around-err,should I say 'welcome back',I wonder?:)

  6. LOL...Mich,that'd be a nice retort to the 'what're you doing'question in a music store-or,perhaps you could say'I always come here for a haircut'.