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Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Elixir of Life - Music (DJ)

I feel music is the only language that is spoken at every corner in the world. People, no matter how disjoint cultures they belong to, always share at least the thinnest link of music between them.
Music is one of my ways to vent out my feelings at times. My penchant for music sprouted right from my childhood and it had a great influence on the way I grew up. I do not classify music according to genres. I believe there are only two types of music - Good & Bad. Good music is something that is pleasing to hear, whereas the other one is not.

On composers:
Some of my favorite composers are - Vangelis, Enya, Yanni, and A.R.Rehman. I believe they are on an altogether different wavelength which is incomparable with any other entity in the same domain. I love classical pieces of Beethoven, Bach and Mozart; and of course not to forget the '4 seasons' by Antonio Vivaldi! I love to close my eyes and relax to the soprano sax and clarinets of Kenny G also.
Am a big time fan of old bollywood film music too. Songs from RK's movies are especially worth a mention here.

On singers:
I think Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was the best vocalist that ever walked on this earth. After all, a person who can sing in almost five octaves does bear some special gift from the almighty, isn't it?
Lata Mangeshkar, a living legend, is another such goddess of music. Besides, I also admire the voices of Jagjit Singh, Kishore Kumar, Enya, Harry Bellafonte, Shankar Mahadevan etc.

To sum up, if I compile a list of my 10 most favorite songs, it would look somewhat like this:
1. Afreen Afreen - NFAK
2. Chariots of Fire Titles - Vangelis
3. Carribean Blue - Enya
4. Spring - Vivaldi
5. Aria - Yanni
6. Return to Innocence - Enigma
7. Kiya Hai Pyaar Jise - Jagjit Singh, Chitra Singh
8. Kingston Town - Harry Bellafonte
9. When you say nothing at all - Ronan Keating
10. Mere Naina Saawan Bhado - Kishore Kumar
11. Yaad Kiya Dil Ne - Hemant Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar

See guys, I already exceeded the maximum limit I had set; and I did not even cover what I like most. So in conclusion, such kind of list of not possible for me. Music is to sit back and enjoy; a comprehensive favorites list can never be scribbled down :).

On an ending note, I also play keyboard since quite a few years now. But since I did never received any professional training at music, I play by ear and I never managed to read music notes. Here is a song that I had played and recorded recently on my digital keyboard. It is from the movie Fanaa and it's a semi-original :) composition of Jatin Lalit. Comments and criticisms, as always are most welcome. With Love!

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  1. Your piano piece was very good.. very pleasing to the ear.. but if I may point out, the notes do not seem so clear to me.. the verses seems too "blurred", but I could make out the "chand sifarish" parts.. and I am saying this after having listened to the song hundreds of times, so am familiar with it..

    But it was very pleasant nonetheless... my friend and I are trying to do some Bollywood tunes on the piano too.. we're not as good though! :P

  2. @sunrise
    i know... :) and of course there are many things that make the sound different from original kind...
    i do not play the exact same notes as the song has.. i keep a free hand and assume the liberty to manipulate it to an extent...
    also, these things are what i record in one go and later on i can't even find time to edit them to make it perfect...
    and as i record these at home, i do not have any professional equipments either.. :(
    i use a mic that costs only $4 to record it... ;)

    but none the less, thanks for a candid comment...

  3. Wow..I love ya idea of music .

    ***I play by ear and I never managed to read music notes.

    Thats where talent, potential and flow spring from..

    Impressive I must say.


  4. afreen afreen is one of my favourites too... nusrat fateh ali khan was a fantastic singer...

    nice compostion here :)

  5. @jewel rays
    thanks... finally someone liked the cacophony ;)
    just kidding

    i m sure he was... and thanks again...

  6. ahaa....nice list here:)...

    but u know what for whatever reason i can't hear the music :((... can u send me the file? maybe it'll play that way... :)

    thanks fr sharing ur kind of music!

  7. Heyz Dj,

    No way man...Thats where it all begins..;)

    ROck on!


  8. @ishita
    u can download it from this link:

    it should work...

    yeah... rather can try different name...
    "the co-ordinated discordants"
    how does this sound? :)

  9. Jagjit Singh... i'll be Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

  10. @mr. j
    many ppl do tell me that... :)
    but when we r talking about the vocal talents; very few can compete...

  11. DJ WC here! U have great taste in music. I is the one language that unites the whole world! Music feeds my emotions. W.O. it I'd be dead.

    Lovely post!


  12. @keshi
    thanks... :)

  13. DJ welcome aboard!!

    n hey u have lovely taste of music:)

    u play keyboard.. hmm good going we will have a session someday ;)


  14. @uttara
    sure; may be some day... :)

  15. hey DJ... luv ur kind of music, Enya is cool... i luv her songs too.

    and ooh u can play keyboard, sounds cool!! ^_^ keep it up!


  16. @lil_kath
    yeps...enya is always a pleasure to listen to...
    and thanks...
    watch out for more recordings from me... :)