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Saturday, April 14, 2007

A bit of bragging (DJ)

Hola people! [*Drumrolls* and *Bugles*]

Thanks for letting me in this wonderful community.

This is DJ (Dharmesh Jani) here from California, USA. I am a graduate student in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering, which I am gonna leave pretty soon to join the microprocessor leaders again as a researcher.

I have been into the blog zone since the last four years; but used to write under hidden covers without my identity being exposed. Since the last six months or so, I started to post with my name (after an inspiration from someone though).

A die-hard Calvin and Hobbes fan as I am, I also hold interests in philosophy, fiction literature and most prominent of all - music. I like playing piano and reading books for a pleasant pass time. I can characterize myself as little bit possessive; excessively impulsive, emotional and passionate; slightly careless and one who follows his whims and fancies.

Let me cut down this intro here; but I'd make sure you come closer to me with my future posts.


PS - I do not know any more Spanish than the first and last words here. :)


  1. hollaaaaa... welcome aboard :))).. i dont think we know each other... but i have come across ur nik on keshis blog...


  2. hi:)..glad u got here! hopin u have as much fun here as we've been having!! :)... happy blogging...lukin forward to ur posts!

  3. @musings
    hey...u r right... i m the one... :)

    i hope to... stay tuned for 'my type of music'...

    thanks for a warm welcome!!

  4. Hi recepción de DJ… a bordo! Picosegundo - ¡No hablo español tampoco… Hooray para las herramientas de la lengua del google!

    Hi DJ...welcome aboard!
    PS - I dont speak any spanish either...Hooray for google language tools!

  5. @switchblade
    thanks... and yeah, at times even i use google translate just to write some catchy captions... :)

  6. @jitendra
    i share my time between los angeles and sunnyvale...
    after a month or so, am permanently moving to sunnyvale...

  7. hey welcome DJ ^_^ nice intro there hehe... luv the spanish way of greetings lol!! ;)

    ** bit possessive; excessively impulsive, emotional and passionate; bit the same dear ^_~

    ... lookin' forward to read ur comin' post! see ya around!

    ... tener un dia agradable!!


  8. hi and welcome on board :)

    maybe you will help us all in learning spanish sm day.

    have fun here....

  9. @lil_kath
    thanks... stay tuned... 'my kinda music' is hitting here soon :)

    sure... may be by that time, i'll add some more words to my vocab :)

  10. @jewel rays

    @ poo
    gracias... :)

  11. aww so this is DJ? U look cute. WC!


  12. @keshi
    yeps they say so its me :)

  13. hello DJ,
    i know exactly one word more espaniol. thats amigis.. meaning friend.. adios amigos!!!


  14. Hola!

    You made sure to keep it short and crisp ha!

    Nice knowing you :)

    And would love to know you more and better