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Friday, April 13, 2007

disastrous dates (Neha / messy)

i am wondering if im too late for this post... i should be ashamed of being so late (but id blame it on my conked off pc)... especially from someone whos older than most of you... and so u would guess more experienced... but naah... that would be wrong... dating was a big no no for me when i was in college... well even after that... so not much experience there... sigh!

that brings us down to some snippets about a few dates i know of... again i won't get into the nitty gritties about the fundas of dating... we got some super cool ones from the others... so what i would like to blabber here are the dates gone wrong... yeah the disastrous ones... (utsys just given her version)... i give some i know of...

mehal... one of the hot chick at this place i used to work... all the guys loved her... but she loved someone else... they were planning to marry by the end of the year... but that didnt hamper her from flirting with the others... and one day she decided to date one of our managers (prashant)... we had to attend a conference and after that they were supposed to meet up... unfortunately her boyfriend turned up to surprise (!!!) her... wham... off went the date... but prashant was still waiting for her (most people didnt own cell phones then)... mehal being mehal thought of a plan... i was forced to go with her (and of course her boyfriend accompanied us) to where prashant was waiting for her.. duhhh uhh.. double date... and that too with prashant... errr not my kinds... but i had to grin n bear... i would have rather gone dating secretively with a nice hot guy!!... things are better left forgotten!

the other date is worse... i had this friend who met up with this girl for the first time... now this friend of mine is a sweet guy with loads of big bucks... so he took her to a fancy restaurant... he ordered for champagne and all the nice romantic things you do on a first date... the date was going fine for a while... but then sometimes things have to go wrong!.. destiny i would say... end of the evening and time to leave...

the girl says, "hey dont u think this is a sheer waste of good food?"

my friend, "what are you talking about?"

the girl, "errr... why dont we just pack up the leftover food and give it away to the dogs."

whoaaaa... first date and ur thinking of dogs... my friend was so put off by this... he never asked her out again!.. id say a date gone to the dogs!!! (winks)

but then guys... a date gone wrong isnt always bad... i'd like to quote deip (aka wordsmith) on his take on first dates...

if the first date is perfect; the relationship will most probably be a disaster

(errr deip... what about the first date being imperfect?? any quote on that?)

so guys be positive and date on... someday somewhere ud meet the right him (or her) ... till then its 'date' time folks...

laterzzz all
ps : hey ishi... thanx for the dedication... thats a wonderful song... love it... :)... ohhh this is so wonderful... im out of words!


  1. Hello Messy..:)

    Gosh! Wat was the girl thinking when she mentioned the dogs? Could it be that she is the kind who does not like wasting food and is a animal lover??Beats me really?? Could it be that she meant it innocently?hmm..

    :) ~Jewel

  2. oh jewel... im sure that was said innocently... but theres always a place and time to show ur love... she was at some big place... and its really embarassing asking them to pack the extra food...

  3. now this was an interesting read :)...i had half a mind to do a post on dating distaters but i can only write from experience and *sigh*...koi disaster date hi nahi huaa...kya kare?!:P

    and err...on sum level the takin food away for dogs is kinda cute na :P....of course i can luk at it that way...i wzn't the one dating her :))) and i can imagine ur poor fren's discomfort! hmmmm!!

    glad u liked d song neha....have a wunderful anniversary :)...and many more blissful years ahead!:)

  4. ishi is sounds damn cute i know... but my friends such a stickler to etiquette!

  5. ** why dont we just pack up the leftover food and give it away to the dogs." **

    ... awww its not the right time and place na... she must think of the situation and all gosshh!!

    ... disastrous date really hehe! ^_~


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