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Friday, April 13, 2007

dating vating (*uttara*)

After soo many posts about dating fundas lemme come up with a live experience of one of my DATES!! * winks*

Me n this guy decided to meet sometime (1st time).. i usually work 6days so end of the week am literally DEAD! so we decide on time n place, it was a Saturday Mocha Bandra 5:00pm ( Saturday its a so called half day! )
Lemme introduce him .. He is a script writer for movies and quite a good poet n musician as well... He has written a hindi movie and couple of serials in bengali not an old guy though! just a beginner... he was a Journalist before this..

now getting back to the date.. :p

He was a minute before i could reach.. waiting at the entrance.. when he 1st saw me i could see his eyes scanning me top to bottom (looses his brownie points) I showed as if i dint realise it...then he compliments me (doesn't gain brownie point :p) i smile at him :) say "Thanx"then we proceed into Mocha, trying find a place to rest our behinds, fine we got it.. i couldn't believe we wud get one easily as it was a Saturday eve! Later we order something to drink i order my Fav Tobelorone shake ! he ordered plain cold coffee.. We hit onto a conversation about his work, his experience with Sanjay Dutt, Arshad Warsi, n woman woman woman...( i gotto know wat his mind set is like) he was looking for a new comer actress for his new scheduled movie i asked if i could help him in finding one there ! lol

later was my work a bit of my likes and dislikes ( i din't talk much ) wat he does in spare time etc etc.. it went on quite well ( conversation !! :p) .. After sometime he goes on n on n on praising me how HOT I'm, how sexy, curvy body... blah blah blah ( * the brownie points goes to negative tick tick tick tick .... *) my interest level is going down..
another thing wat he said was," i will write a movie forecasting u, but the movie will be based on Lesbian " i was like GRRRRRRRRR in my head but face smiling and told him "Don't U ever think of that buddy "

Don't laugh u guys !!

Also had the audacity to ask me about my S** life i said it is rocking y? then he was on n on about his... lol ( am like thinking he is one DESPO on earth )

guys i was really angry by now...lolz
anyway.. he came out of his tight schedule so i reminded him about his tight schedule while he already went into his dreamland and dreamstreet within no time( don't ask me wat he was doing there ).. after showing my bitchiness.. we bid bye bye.. he pecked on my cheeks! ( nah i dint ) He was like lets meet up again i simply smiled and left ...
later he messaged me telling me to come out of my Parvati Avtar.. i said I'm like this only !!


U guys would have made out how you should behave with a woman on a first date .. right?? lolz
now here are some Do's n don'ts i won't keep this long Most of them have given few already these would be add on's...

fundas for girls:

1)Be yourself, don't empty ur makeup kit...
2)Feel fresh and don't look like u have done some hamaali job ( labours) Even if u are tired cover it up :)
3)Shampoo your hair well and leave your hair open if u feel u can manage it w
ell ;)
4) Please try and compliment guys and don't wait for them to do it first ( no books says that guys should do it first ) but don't overdo it ;)
5) Look into their eyes n talk.. ;)
6) Be polite and not loud !
7) Don't yap much give guys a chance to talk ( look who is saying this
8) Don't crib & don't be fussy ( it can be on anything place, food, ambiance.. etc etc )
9) Don't talk about yourself all the time and pls don't talk about your ex's
10) Don't throw major attitudes and don't act
11) Please wear something nice and pretty outfit ( in which u are comfortable) .. and not the one u wanna literally seduce the guy and leave him high n dry types !
12) Have some good sensible conversations, don't start bitching about the whole world!
13) Be a little coy and don't behave like a tom boy!


Guys please don't scan with an xray eyes wen u meet her .. lols or dont come up with DDLJ dialogues.. n with all the sweetness in world like... sweety pie, dahling, hun, all sugary sugary words..... bhai diabetes ho jayegi ladkiyon ko ! show some attitude man!

I think my list of Do's n Dont's will go on and on

The end!

PS: sorry for a long post !


  1. Hahaha.. it was fun reading this. Lol!! So are you still in touch with Mr. Scriptwriter?? Hahahaha...

  2. Mr. J.

    u were quite fast!! lolz..

    ok its a weekend tp u see:p

    umm in touch its once in a blue moon.. he he he i never revert :p

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  4. lol...Ya post sure kept me reading for more. Did not even feel like it was long..GREAT STUFF..and i believe GREAT tips as well..

    For a moment i was like..hmmm..Scripwriter..impressive until i read abt how he went harping on his sex life and so on..hahaha

    Good one Uttara

    And u sure was delicious on how you respond on the date..




  5. amylicious...

    yeah even i was like ok lemme see how this guy woud be like so went to meet but majorly disappointed.. he he he

    ty u liked the post :D

    ***And u sure was delicious on how you respond on the date..

    lolzz umm i donno :p ha ha ha

    hugz sweety

  6. ***ty u liked the post :D

    Welcome Sweets..;)

    ***lolzz umm i donno :p ha ha ha

    lol..You are Uttarasuperdelicious lady!! haha..;)

  7. WOW !! i cracked up so badly at work ..and my colleagues are staring at me ..hahahahha very nice post and cool tips ;)) the best is the the tip what you have mentioned for guys totally agree on that!! Spot on

    and what a dating exp must say !!

    Take care sweetie and have fun in the weekend.

  8. paka hua insaan tha uttsy...kaise jhela??! :P but i must say this was fun to read thru...:):P

    good practical list of do's n don'ts here...:)

    thanks fr tellin it like it was...! just the way u can!

  9. huggzzz maylicious...

    @ poo..

    haha ok now shhhhhhhhhh don't laugh much :p lolz...

    and ty :)u too have a rocking weekend!!

  10. ishi..

    lolz . haan yaar.. poora thakka hua tha.. anyway how r u sweets..
    ummm dekho deadlineke pehele likh diya:D


  11. Hmmm....
    Deadly combination of desperation and confidence...thought guys like this exist only in chat rooms and Orkut scrap books...

    How could you let him give you a peck after knowing whats going on in his mind? lolz!!

  12. :D
    Very very interesting POst!!
    Its shocking how sm ppl just dont realise what a fisrt date it!
    But sahi hai post hai... and i can see that you have taken pains to put the pics and evrything wow!!
    (Dunno what edu background u have, but i am sure if you have ever made practical files or Journals, they would have been very very neat!!)

    Superb blog u folks have here!!

  13. aisaa hai.. the fact that you let the guy go on and on about his (s)exploits and that you let him kiss you shows that you didnt really abhor him.. so why not admit it :)

  14. I think Jitendra is right here...

    Also u knew abt all these exceptional qualities of that guy even before u met him, dont u even think of denying that. U must hv read the boards on the expressway to Pune, SPEED THRILLS BUT if u r looking for some thrill, God forbid the next phrase but u must be ready for what u had for sure....:)

    ( * the brownie points goes to negative tick tick tick tick .... *)***Mera score kitna hua hai abhitak minus 100, 200, 300 or 1000....:)

    As far as dos and donts, Meri pyaari basanti!!! i strongly object Point no.11, dont bother abt the other fellow if he is good he'll see he doesnt ends up dry if not high...:)

  15. hehe!! lolzzz!! ^_^ nice treat for me on weekend ;) missed reading post for a week and u made me laugh like this awww... thanxx!!

    ... nice tips there babe!! ^_~

    enjoy weekend!


  16. hey uttsy..
    thouroghly enjoyed this post.. shud i google the scrip writer of munnabhai n tell him he' s a sadu at dating ??;) just kidding..
    ur cool gal..agree to all ur dating tips.. enjoy!!!

  17. ** later he messaged me telling me to come out of my Parvati Avtar.. i said I'm like this only !!**
    better answer to that….why don’t you come out of your “desperate to get laid and showing it “avatar and mebbe we shall meet again then..:)
    @uttsy…ur a sweet gal..i would have slashed out the guy’s ego wid my sarcasm if he behaved like that on a date….it would have never proceeded to the peck…..

  18. *****Guys please don't scan with an xray eyes wen u meet her****

    Kaash aisa hota!!! (from hum tum and not DDLDJ!!)
    btw, wot do u mean by ddlj type dialogues??