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Friday, April 27, 2007

hindi music.. any takers??? (Messy aka Neha)

when it comes to music i have got eccentric tastes... thats what my hubby keeps saying... he can't bear my kind of music... well... i guess hes not all wrong... he says i live in a different era when it comes to music...

my kind of music belongs to the old hindi classical genre... be it mughal-e-azam or baiju bawra or even pakeezah... i have loved them since i was a kid... this is the kind of music that i love... whenever i am upset or down these are the songs that lift my spirits high...

in the recent lot i like strings... they sing such beautiful songs... my favourite being the one from zinda... 'yeh hain meri kahani'... im sure many of you have heard this one...

sufi is another kind of music i love... be it the latest 'maula mere' from the movie anwar... or the best of all... nusrat fateh ali khan... the master of all sufi singers... i feel the best of all his songs is the one called 'meri tauba'...

and these days im listening to the songs of namastey london... 'chakna chakna' is a fantastic number (tried uploading the video not happening! someone do it for me :p).... if u like punjabi numbers im sure u would like this one...

someone else i love to listen to is bryan adams... its actually very difficult to choose which one is his best... other songs i love are...

unchained melody
hero - enrique
paint my love - MLTR
nothing compares to you
truly madly deeply - savage garden

n last but not the least... i love all the romantic songs of yash chopra... be it kabhi kabhi or silsila.. im a big big fan... i keep telling my husband... if u ever want to seduce me... sing 'kabhi kabhi' for me... :p

(any idea how to enlarge these pics?... i've been trying to do so since an hour! i give up!)


  1. awww messy is here finally :))

    Not a big fan of old songs, but i like very few of them ..

    But i love all romantic songs of Yash chopra too i am with you sweetie.

    'maula mere' from the movie anwar awwww thats a beautiful song i like the remix version of that as well.

    Take care sweetie and have a nice weekend.

  2. Hello.:)

    Hindi songs. I guess Coming from the roots in the family that enjoy hindi music there are some that i am familiar with.:)

    I like a few hindi songs though i hardly listen to it. But i love their music videos big time.They are soo hott! hehe..

    Great to know u a little more.


  3. nehaa.. darl!!
    oh my my i too love soomany old nos.

    aaj ke tarrek main hindi gaano main mujhe "maula mere ( movie anwar) " "ya rabba (kailash kher )" ye hai meri kahani.. "is awsesome :D "tu hi meri shab hai " "woh lamhe" "chakna chakna (is a good no. )"

    Bryan adams ko hum dono saath main dekhe the..we both love him equally :D :D :Dlol

    oldies main mera fav bohot saare hai ..

    good one babes...

  4. nice...
    u covered almost every genre of music... :)
    even i believe, 'pakeezah' and '1942' are the best albums created for hindi movies...

  5. woww hindi music i loveeee it!!! nice info there sweetie, i actually listen to many and to different language (hindi, tamil and malayalam ) yeahhh ^_^ so im sure i still have to hear more and missin a lot!

    my all time fave was "Boondein" by: Silk Route... i think thats quite old song too! ^_~

    nice post dear!! and yeah, Enrique Rocks! ^_~


  6. Ahh, sometimes I do listen to the old Kishore Kumar kinda songs. Brings a welcome change.

    Bryan Adams you say? The Big Man will be here in Malta on the 28th of June to perform. Got some tickets in hand but I don't think i'll be making it to the show.

  7. **poo

    guess ur too young to like these very old numbers... im sure u love smak that n temperature :p (i love em too :p)

    ** jewel

    thanx girl... u shud listen to hindi music more :)... n yeah adams is awesome :D

    ** utsy

    hehe.. we love the same kindof hindi stuff... n yeah cant forget the adams show... whoaaa tht was awesome :p
    by the way i forgot to mention lucky ali :((((

    ** dj

    oh no theres more i love... but not possible to put up in one post.. ishi will kill me if the post gets too long :p

    ** kathy

    ohhh i dont know tamil or malayalam!... n silk routes good too :)... dooba dooba was a fab number... this also reminds me of kay kay n euphoria :)

    ** mr j

    i cant believe this!!!... u got passes for adams show n u aint going???... damnnn thats awful!!

    (ps: can utsy n me invite ourselves to malta??? plsssssssss :p)

  8. aap toh classic songs pasand hai kyuki aap classic beauty jo thehree, mohtarma :)

    I love Strings...I think they are a fusion band in the true sense.

  9. cool so u like enrique, i like escape very much....:)
    You can run, you can hide, but you can't escape my love
    You can run, you can hide, but you can't escape my love

    Very good taste on music messy, liked that....:)

  10. I love Hindi music! Especially movie songs. And I like some Bhangra music and also Hindi pop.

    btw BA rocks!