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Monday, April 23, 2007

Care for some Mozart's Balls? (Mr. J)

I just realized while writing this out that if I put aside my twice a year visit home, then it's been quite a long time since I took a vacation. But on the other hand, the places i've lived at and been to pretty much makes up for it even though it was just plain business all the time.

Salzburg beautiful salzburg.

Living here for a year I must say that i've fallen in love with the city, country and the culture. Having been to a couple of places around Europe, I think i'm justified to say that Austria is perhaps one of the most cleanest countries in Europe.

Salzburg, situated on the border of Austria & Germany, is more famous for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the lesser known Josef Mohr and Franz Gruber who penned the 'Silent Night' song, and not to forget- The Sound of Music.

It is indeed a sleepy city with an easy going, laid back attitude. Locals say that this is one of the reasons why Mozart later moved to Vienna. You cannot miss the huge, always snow capped Alps and the beautiful Salzach river that runs through the city. Surrounded by three mountains from the Alps- Untersberg, Monchsberg and Kapuzinerberg.

A 30 min. train ride and you are in Munich where the world famous Oktoberfest is held every year.

The scars of WW2 still remain and can be seen in the well maintained bunkers, the occasional discovery of an unexploded bomb and so on. Infact every Saturday at 12 noon, the bomb sirens and the bunkers are tested, just in case.

Apart from the usual, Salzy is also quite famous for Swarovski and RedBull. If anyone does happen to visit Salzburg or for that matter Austria, you cannot miss the Almdudler (for non alcoholics), Austrian Wiener Schnitzel and Stiegl beer.

In case you are still wondering about the title of this post, believe me- Mozart's Balls are really tasty.

Also known as Mozartkugel, this chocolate got the dubious distinction of being called Mozart's balls since A) it's named after Mozart and B) they are all round.

And no, I didn't come up with this term. Honest!!

And lastly, The Salzach river. The place on the other side of the river is Germany.


  1. Salzburg - looks serenly beautiful. had never heard of it before now. thankyou for sharing.

  2. woww!! what a beautiful view there ... and those pics. speaks for itself na!... felt nostalgic!and nice to know the story behind the place..

    ... so Mozart's Balls are yummy chocolates huh?? hehe... ok! cleared now lol!! ^_^

    nice post dear!!

    ... and oops i've put one japanese song on my post (like u wish) hope u like it! enjoy the beautiful video as well! ;)


  3. Such a lovely post Mr. J. Pics are beautiful and this would probably be one of the places i would love to visit given the places that you have recommended. Informative.:)

    ***Mozart's Balls are really tasty.

    lol..I would love to try them since they are chocolaty..lolz..

    i like the humour in that name.

    Great to know you a little more.


  4. Beautifull pics...

  5. i got a question... after u heard the name 'mozarts balls' did the chocolates taste different?... hehe.. im still humoured by that name... people have some sense of humour! (errr or maybe they dont)

    n ofcoz the pics are so so very beautiful... id love to go there for a few days... n ur post reminds me of the movie 'chocolat'... the village shown there looked so much like Salzburg... :)

  6. :)))... lovely! and u were there for a year...! u lucky luckky YOU!


    I'm kinda wunderin how m gonna ask my parents' "hey did u try mozart's balls wen u were in austria??! " :P :D ...

    if i'm to pick out my fav posts from the travel ones... urs wld be high on my list coz of the pics :)...glad u thot of doing this one!

  7. Mala: First time i heard of the place, it was the same reaction. But it's an amazing place.

    Kathy: Yeh, it was hard to just put up 5 pics.. Will check out the song in your post.

  8. Amy: You have to.. get outta the comfy zone and start travelling :P

    Southy: Yep... and so is the place.

  9. Messy: Well, I was chewing on one when I discovered the english name.. Needless to say lost my taste momentarily :P

    Ish: Perhaps the next time around, will do a post on Malta too. :D

  10. oh boy!!!... i hope u digested them... hehe

  11. wow
    kya sahi snaps hai yaar!


  12. Salzburg aha! I wanna be there some day soon. :)


  13. johnnnnnnnnn

    **Salzy is also quite famous for Swarovski

    humara swaroki gift kaha hai??????

  14. ***You have to.. get outta the comfy zone and start travelling :P

    lol...U hit me right on the dot. :P



  15. Oh hoo!!! Mr J is finally here ....

    Salzburg , wow would love to vist this place and the pictures are really beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing;))

  16. LOLZ!!! Mozart's Balls...i must say the Austrians certainly have a wicked sense of humor...

    The place looks totally heavenly! Im wondering how you could ever get any work done in such a place...i'd be too distracted....

    Great post dude...

  17. i wonder how do austrians eat something that sounds so gross?

    the pics r beautiful though...

  18. Dude u r one lucky guy...u get to see so many i shall make a trip to this place too when i go to Frankfurt next January...

    Here's wishing u get to c more of the world!