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Sunday, April 22, 2007

My Kind of Music (Mala)

Though I'm no music connoiseur, I have no qaulms in admitting that nothing relaxes me more than good music.

I cannot tell a country from a folk, classical from a new-age, a rap from a reggae, a blue from a jazz, a rock from a metal...but it's the sound I sway to.

And I'm biased to the sounds of Enya and Enigma. I believe their genre of music is better known as 'new age'. To me, it's the haunting undertone/overtone that rules the roost. The numbers are haunting, yes, and yet peaceful. I actually find myself being teleported to a different world when I'm listening to either of them. And their videos are better made than everything else. The naturalist in me finds immense joy in the beautiful, picturesque locations where these videos are shot. Some of their numbers have hymns interspersed from Asia and Europe...'The Child in Us' is one example of what I'm talking about. They sound so pure. And it always amazes me when I see foreign bands using Sanskrit hymns in their numbers...somehow a feeling of pride comes over me.

I do not know how to embed videos here; but had I known, I would have dedicated 'The Child in Us' or 'Caribbean Blue' to everybody in this blog.


(song added on mala's behalf:)!)


  1. Enya.. I love her track- May it be. Yep, 'New Age' it is. Quite soothing.

    Perhaps you should try listening to some celtic stuff. Might be of interest to you.

  2. hey mala :)...tuk d liberty of putting in one of the videos u mentioned and needless to say i simply luvvvvv it :) .. thanks!!

  3. hello kabab ka haddi - may it be is wonderful too..but then again, everything about LOTR is ;)

    thankyouuuuu ishiiiii

  4. my fav carribean blue...
    nice choice...
    and yes, 'new age music' it is called...

  5. Good choice....

  6. Amen to Enya... luv her soo much!!! all of her songs simply bring me back to life esp. when m feelin' low.
    ... u can feel all the soothness and magic of the sounds!

    nice post Mala!!


  7. Enya ans Enigma r 2 of the best!


  8. I use to hear lots of enya when i was younger. :) Find her music relaxing.:)

  9. whew! theres atleast someone like me who doesnt know the different genres of music... i thought i was the only dud around.. hehe

    oh yeah n i love enigma... n ur right they have awesome videos..

  10. I think the first time I heard Enigma was maybe when I was in the 7th grade, not really into music...honestly, not into any kind of music...forget new age or English:) and then one day I saw my sister watching "back to Innocence" and I fell in love with the song and the video:) and of course Enya:) looks like we mite share similar music inclinations:)

  11. thankyou all for appreciating :)

  12. mala..
    aap gaake dikhao sabko :D u sing soo wellllllllllllll!!

    n i like most of it :D

  13. hehe, main aur gaana?
    kabhi nai!!!
    (Pan Pasand style)