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Thursday, April 26, 2007

"sa re ga ma" 'or' "do re me fa" (uttara)

Inner Me... :)

His angel eyes wanting to sing and to be loved every moment n saying,' right here waiting for you', can give up on anything even if the world ends nothing else matters, no matter what he will go through the pain of november rains... I hugged him n said i just died in your arms and wanted to turn off the lights n waltz on unchained melody and reach cloud no.9 :). His assurance by saying' here I'm 'made me feel blessed, i could melt in his arms which i felt illegal then. I wanted to scream out loud, but held back thinking hey you! whenever wherever you want me i will be there without any objection, please don't bother baby! I could see heaven in your eyes..

He could see me smiling in the dark and whispered your so beautiful you are my layla. Tears rolled my cheeks and he said cry baby cry you are the black magic woman of my life. That night every little thing mattered. The night went on endlessly, I dint want it to end .. I said, 'Love is you , love is my life, love me endlessly right here right now, i was crazy for you'.

Words cannot express the feelings :) It was erotica ;)

Ahem ahem...

"musiccc makes the people come together yeahhh"

heard this line somewhere right?? yes none other than my fav Madonna.. :) The kind of music i lovee whoaaa i thnk i have a never ending list... All ears for it ;) Music is something i can't live without.. can hear music even without any system on.. its inside my mind u name it the song keeps playing.. i really don't need an MP3 or an Ipod :) yeah its true.. My minds goes humming when i have nothing to do and when i don't talk :D ..

My type of music...

I simply love Ghazals!! I dont need to be drunk to hear this.. i simply love Jagjit Singh and Ghulam Ali ... :) They have the depth in their voice.. I have attended Jagjit Singh's concert it was Superbbbbbbb no words to describe him ..

Bryan Adams.. he rocked the show here last year... yepieeeeeeee yes i had been for his concert... :D this was my birthday gift for myself ..hehe

Shakira... she rocks!! She floored all the guys and girls ;) when she was here in mumbai yeah another concert i attended :D

next concert is gonna be Aerosmith and am gonna attend hope they come to MUMBAI !! i missed Iron Maiden :( , Enrique Iglias, Deep Purple, Michael Jackson, etc etc.. :( i feel really bad for not attending due to some stupid circumstances here then :(

anyway... to go on with music.. another Legendary is Kishore Kumar !! Pheww he is awesome he and his songs can make u smile,laugh, sad... etc etc his songs are full of emotions... Hats Off !!

Ballamy Brothers, Kenny Rogers, John Denver... etc etc... yes u got it right Country :) They are lovely too .. ahem ahem

I also like listening to Devotional songs :D yes i hear them almost everyday morning by default my mom puts it on :D

Apart from the above... i like Celine Dion, Eagles, GNR, Deep Purple, Nirvana, Michael Jackson, Dire Straits, Santana, etc etc etc ( many more )... Loads of Hindi as well.. WHOAAA... complete music maniac :D :D :D

I have a whole list u don't wanna get bored hai na??

Music is what i breathe :) :) :)... any genre will do rock, blues, country, rock n roll, hip hop, ragae, R&B, etc etc...

PS: gimme the name of the songs which i have put up as a story... *winks*


Current Music: "Bad Girl" - Madonna ;)


  1. Finally the much awaited post has arrived :)
    You've got one diverse taste in music...Never knew someone could appreciate Maiden, Jagjit Singh, Shakira and John Denver at the same time!!

    Great story too...personally I counted 19 many are there?

  2. :)) about saving d best for last...well almost last coz the new topics wl be coming up soon!

    gr8 post...sabse zyaada diverse taste hoga tumka yaha:P

    and tho m tempted to count all d songs..i have to rush for dinnerr...


  3. bada hi sexy picture hai....kaha se milta blog ke censor board mar gaye kya....

  4. Hello Uttaralicoius.

    The post was utterly

    Nice one girl and i love ya way of stepping out being different. I caught some of some nice songs and i have to say some of them is something i adore as well. Like "right here waiting for you' etc etc..

    Love this post of urs. and looking forward to more in the future Sexay!!!

    Rock on!! Butt ROCKS! lol.:P

  5. me and spelling..*grimace..

    I meant "I caught sight." ;)

    Good day sweets!!!

  6. @ Sothpaw :p

    haanji mujhe acha lagta hai .. :D
    n wer is the list which i listed??

    I have few songs stored for u .. as in i remember u wen i hear to " underneath your clothes " :D

    thats for u .. have a gr8 day :p

  7. @switchblade..

    hey thanx for waiting u sound as if i am a celebrity :D :D

    **Never knew someone could appreciate Maiden, Jagjit Singh, Shakira and John Denver at the same time!!

    wiered na ?? lol

    **Great story too...personally I counted 19 many are there?

    count se nahi chalega.. u gotto gimme the names :p

    thanx a ton buddy

    here is a song for u.. kuch Pear Jam ho jaye ?? ;) " Black "

    thanx again!

  8. Ishiiiiiiiiii

    **gr8 post...sabse zyaada diverse taste hoga tumka yaha:P

    haan i knw i thought it is wiered but i simply love all of them.. lot to explore :D

    come up with the list sooon now :p

    here is a song for u " Tum itna jo mukura rahe ho " :D :D :D
    i love that song ;)"winks"

  9. @rajivvvvvvv

    hehhe kya yaar foto pe comment mara not on post .. ye kaha ka insaaaf hai ?? go n comment on my post first
    he he i got that snap from fotosearch :D

    i will dedicate a song after u comment next :D :D :D

  10. amyliciouss
    thank u thank u

    **The post was utterly

    lol is it? ;)

    **Nice one girl and i love ya way of stepping out being different.

    he he he thanx again :) thats me different ;)

    come on with the names ;)

    **Love this post of urs. and looking forward to more in the future Sexay!!!

    thank uuuuuuuuu

    **Rock on!! Butt ROCKS! lol.:P

    LMAO u buttrocker ;)

    here is a song for u .. I think of nelly wen u come in mind so here is "powerless" for u .. muaaaaah

    rock on amylicious

    u too rock :D

  11. Ooh lala..Powerless by Nelly Furtado..Nice...

    What made u identify that song with me? Its interesting though..



  12. Pheeeewwwwww!!!! that was hawt!

    And here's Vooodooo child by Bo Bice for u...

  13. n here i was wondering wheres my music girl been for the last 14 days!!.. n then she comes with this wonderful post... :)))))

    oh yeah n nice pic... winks

  14. @amylicious..

    i donno wats the connection but i somhow remember u or relate u to nelly :p donno y :D

    n that song suits u though ;)

    buttrocker :p

  15. hawt huh ?? :p thats a hawwt song for a hottie :p


    n thank u for the song buddy! i will check it from home i dont have speakers in office.. n ya i will comment on the song after i listen to it ;)


  16. @neha

    **n here i was wondering wheres my music girl been for the last 14 days!!

    yaar i was damn bz with things.. n how i couldnt have commented jab maine suggest kiya ye topic :p

    music girl is here with full blast :p

    **.. n then she comes with this wonderful post... :)))))

    he he thank u .. u knw how much i love music na?? n the Bryan Adam show..lolz WHOAAA.. we had a blast babes

    **oh yeah n nice pic... winks

    Winky winky ;)

  17. nehaa.. sorry i forgot to write a song for u ..

    here it is..

    " In aankhon ki masti main " -umrao jaan ;)

    hayeeeeeeeeeeeee aapki ye aankhain :p

  18. awwwwwwwwww... lol ty... love that song too... next time when we meet remind me to sing that for u.. hehe

  19. uttsy ...WOW the first half of ur post was really cool and really nice i just loved it :))

    I am a big fan of Jagjit Singh too..the lyrics are so powerfull :)) Words cannot express the feelings :)just the way you say .

    Take care sweetie ..nice to know ur choice of music.

  20. @neha...

    zarooor hum aap ko yaad dilayenge :D

    thank u sooo much

  21. poo darl is here.. ahem ahem.. he he he

    **i just loved it :))

    thank u babes

    hey hope u doing fine?? take care babes..


  22. oops poo ye aapkeliye hai..
    dedicated to u .. have fun!!

    " Superstar " ;)


  23. ahem! someone's tempting here ^_^ u sounds really sexy using those words sweetie...

    ... and those hindi songs, i think i shud listen more na, i still dunno lots, thanx for sharin' muaahh!!


  24. From Ghazals to BA to Shakira to Maiden to John Denver to Celine Dion... that's like mixing Vodka, Beer, Rum, Whisky, Tequilla... perfect combo to get knocked out!!

    This reminds me.. perhaps I should try this cocktail sometime.

  25. you have my approval already :)

  26. Hi....nice post....seems like u r d kinds u cn listen 2 all kinds of music....i personally feel Bryan adams is a a one of his kinds singer and so is Celine Dion. I also like enrique :)