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Sunday, January 20, 2008


is style :)

in a smile a person expresses their whole life...i am not joking. the way a person smiles
they express what they have felt through out their life.even if they are happy at that moment or sad when the smile,behind the smile,their eyes tell you their tale.I always make friends after they smile :) It is easier to see them in their true light then.BUF :) became my friend after i saw all the smiling people here :) well i need to remind myself i am 16 a lot of times,for once i get into the grove with people,i become 6 and/or 60 :)

keep smiling .
stop whining:)
it not your thing,
it is not my thing,
it is our thing.
for it's a friend's loving :)


  1. WOW beautiful pic to begin with pretty! U know I love that pink. :)

    **their eyes tell you their tale

    so true...well-said there!

    Lovely post Vish...u said it the best!


  2. Nice and inspiring! And a pretty pic there :)

  3. in a smile a person expresses their whole life.***Dont know abt the whole life, but a lot abt the individual for sure.

  4. Hi,Vishesh-nicely said.And,as Raj says,in a smile, people express a lot about themselves as an individual.

  5. vishesh..

    a very nice pic there and a nice poem

    also i second on raj's comment :)

    keep smiling .. it spreads positive energy :)

  6. @keshi: i thought you might like it ;) :) :) :)

  7. @southpaw: a lot can mean a lot isn't it...:) :) :) :) :)

  8. Agreed with everything that u said about smiling and all.
    Yeah it duz cheer up ppl nd lightn their mood if u gv them a smile nd it also speaks volumes abt their life .yup.
    some days back i was sitting in my college canteen and was smiling to myself(some funny thoughts happened to cross my mind).at that instant i noticd a grup of seniors(females) giggling at my smiling face frm a distance.and boy!!that was embarassing!

  9. Thanks for the encouragement. I have alot to smile about these days. I'm alive, my children are well and I get a chance to work towards my dreams. So here's a big :0) for you.


    Stop in an visit sometimes :0)

  10. u made my day. let me know what u think about this one folk..nice dedication...chk out my post about the King THANK WE FREE

  11. such sweet words...keep smiling vishesh!

  12. @the tentacle: lol :0 that was funny....

  13. @michelle: thanks too ;)