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Thursday, January 17, 2008

You Make Me Smile (Keshi)

This is the last time I smiled and that was yesterday. It's the same pic I have on my blog today. When I was taking this pic there was alot of stress, pain, anger, sadness in my life but I wanted to smile anyways. A smile can hide a thousand feelings...

I just wanna take this opportunity to THANK few of my friends who somehow make me SMILE on a daily basis in BUF. I wanna say THANKS to Cheesy for always being so sensible and always bring a smile to my face. And I wanna say THANKS to Puja for never changing...for always being the same sweet friend I spoke to make my heart smile. I also wanna THANK Michi for being the vibrant one...the one who always gets me back on my toes and keeps me smiling. And I wanna THANK Amit for being the best guy always make me smile with your funny posts and with your good nature. And THANKS each and everyone here for the SMILES!


  1. And Thank You for thanking me for no reason! Its more like a reciprocatory process than anything else :)

    Pretty pic! I wish I knew how to smile too lol.
    Btw theres a difference when u smile to hide ur sadness and when ure actually smiling ... somehow u can always make it out!

    Keep Smiling! You never know who's day you might brighten up unintentionally!


  2. hey Loon, Loon_gal, Cheesy etc etc LOL! MWAH!

    **And Thank You for thanking me for no reason

    aww dun say that...there r SO MANY reasins to THANK ya. U hv made me SMILE on many occassions..and thet best part is ur never FAKE. And it makes me smile when I realise there's atleast few REAL ppl like u out there.

    ur right..a smile can say whether there's sadness/anger etc behind it or not.


  3. Hi,Keshi..*smiles*-Thanks for the 'honourable mention'..(Imagine me blushing while reading that comment?).

    Re. the pic and the hidden emotions behind it,I'd say 'well done'-yes,even at the worst times of stress, a smile can do wonders at making your stress/anger reduce,and,calming down the people opposite,as well(Unless they have one of those overinflated egos.LOL)


  4. U hv some goog company there...nice pic...:)

  5. hehe Amit ur worth it :)

    LOL @overinflated ego!

    tnxx maiite!


  6. ha! keshi...for all you can hide...when you smile...your eyes speak more...and let the person you want to know...what they should know ...

  7. a reason to smile
    a reason to laugh
    a reason to be happy
    a reason to be loved
    a reason to be yourself

    it's upto oneself how to be happy and keep smiling even after the whole lot of sadness and ups and downs...

    i love when you smile .. I simply had a smiley weekend as Mala got married and she was looking GORGEOUS!! I will send the snaps soon and also put a post when I have loads of time in hand :)

  8. ty Uttsy!

    plz send the pics..wud love to see all of u!