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Friday, January 4, 2008

Resolutions: AmitL

I know,I know...everyone says New Year Resolutions are made to be broken. But,then,what's life without something to aim for-a target,a goal,anything which goads you to do better and better? I believe in it,definitely. So,here goes: My resolutions for the New Year:

1. Keep fit: I have an ongoing battle with the bulge, as do many people. When I decide to lose weight, I do it determinedly. And, when I find stress tiring me out,I put it on just as easily(You know what they say-at times of stress,one tends to pig out,since food does not talk back or shout). But,in the bargain,I found that both extremes are not good-extreme weight loss(the last binge lost me 13 kgs), and, weight gain,too....they end up making you feel weak.So,to strike a balance between the two- the answer- gym, in additional to walks,and also a balanced diet with less tea,sugar,et al. No worries about keeping this Resolution.

2. Read more: Be it our mags, papers, Perry Masons, positive thinking books(beginning with 'You Can Win' all over again- I love this book and reco it for anyone wanting to add some positive affirmations to his or her line of thinking), Indian authors(Been reading quite a few,lately),Archie,Tintin.

3. Related to reading: Write more- Letters To Editors, was a part of my life in the nineties,and,I guess it's never stopped being a part. Been writing to only Weekend(Local mag),Filmfare,and a few others.

3. Conversely,reduce dependence on TV as an outlet for leisure- it becomes too addictive.

4. Music- besides the 'music to walk fast by', include all kinds of music-be it Indian oldies,Indian 'newies', Pop,anything with a nice surely does calm down even an already calm person like me.

5. Blogging and blog-surfing: Keep it at a regular level-it's become a part of my life,so, can't imagine being drawn away from it this year or in the coming years.

6. Compliment, appreciate and do acts of kindness to people around me- at least once a day, and,maximum,throughout the day. And,this is something BUFers excel at- complimenting and appreciating,I mean-that's why it's so nice to be a part of 'BUF world'.Conversely, if the compliment doesn't come, keep quiet,rather than being vitriolic.

7. Brush up on my vocabulary-I feel it's at a low ebb,courtesy the lack of use out here. Reason?People sometimes don't understand simple language. (Imagine communicating with a plumber in terms of ' you coming coming?water dripping dripping...)

8. What else? Those are the main resolutions,I guess! What do you think? Will I be able to keep them?

Cheers,everyone,and good luck with all your resolutions!

Ishi, time for some new topics,na?


  1. Happy New Year! And best wishes for a healthy and successful 2008

  2. wowzers i read all ur resolutions and realised those r things i wanna do too! hehehe coool! happy new year resolution-ing :P

  3. Hope u stick to all ur resolutions especially reducing the dependency on tv...:)Happy new year...

  4. cool thoughts for the NY Amit :)


  5. hpe u keep ure resies..........i hope i keep mine this year or getting my long lost six pack back

    thanks for the love darling u show on my page

    have a great nu yer

  6. Hi,David-thank you for the wishes..and,here's wishing the same for you-a healthy,happy and successful 2008.
    Hi,Mich-good to read that-so,let's keep updating on the resolutions,as 2008 progresses..what do you say?Tks for the comment.:)
    Hi,Raj-thank you..and,yes,the dependency on TV part-has been quite successful so far.:)
    Hi,adizz...tks for the comment..I believe it was for someone else?*smiles*

  7. Yeahhh man .. we both should keep on inspiring each other! I've lost some weight by only focussing on my eating ... once i start working out or any physical exercise then I can't imagine what wonders it might do!

    Wishing you all the best with ur reolutions!


  8. hi keshi, how have you been?