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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year (tulipspeaks)

Hope everyone is fine in BUF!. Been a while since I posted, but couldn't resist letting go 2008 without a New Year wish and my resolution for the year 2008. This was posted in my blog as well.

1. The robbers to be caught
4 months already since we got robbed in broad day light and there is still no news about the bloody robbers! My #1 wish for the year 2008 is for them to get caught - dead or alive!

2. The car
Been a year since I started planning to change my car. This year, I wish that plan will materialize.

3. New hairstyle
For 4 years, I have been sporting a straight rebonded hair. Guess it is time for a change. How about long locks with sexy curls? ;)

4. Some new gadgets
I am not crazy about the latest gadgets that hit our market. It's just that my phone is getting old, and I have started to feel ..well... a little embarrassed showing it to anyone now. And I want a simple mp3 player - just to accompany me when I go for jogging/walking.

5. Lose weight
I need to shed 15 kg to be back to a healthy weight! I don't know how I am going to push myself to do it, but I have to.. somehow!

6. An overseas trip
I don't care where.. but I just wanna get the feel of going to another country. Of course, going to the place in the postcard will be what I really want :P

7. New boyfriend.
The last 3 years have been wasted. Don't wanna waste another precious year in my life for anyone now. I better start looking for a bf now! Any volunteers eh? ;)

8. PhD
I will be resigning my job very soon. It's a important decision which I really have to take in order to fulfill my life-long ambition. Pray for me, okie?

9. New blog
I will be launching a new blog on shopping every soon. Every girls' dream blog!

10. New self
I want my life back... promise it will be all new!

Happy New Year to all!


  1. cool thoughts for the new year babez. HAPPY NEW YEAR Ammu darling HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ!

    **new BF

    I hv been saying that for a couple of years myself now LOL! Lets hope we both get some real good loving this year. Lets hope some men will wake up in 2008 **rolling eyes** GOOD LUCK hun!


  2. My prayers and best wishes r always there with Dr.Am000nie to be...:)

  3. 1. I want the one who broke in to be caught as well. Ever since that incident happened, we've become so paranoid!
    You got robbed in day light? That mst be so scary!! Have u blogged abt it? Wanted to read.

    2. Nice! Which one dya wanna buy?

    3. Curls are good for parties n stuff! Trust me straight hair are the best! I had my hair straight until I got them crimpled and temporarily curled and all tht shit and now i so regret doing it coz my hair's become wavy :(

    4. :D I want an ipodddd!

    5. Jeez I need to shed 14-15 kgs too! :( But atleast the figures gone down ... The target was 20kgs 3 mnths ago!

    6. Me too me too .. lets hook up sometime .. come to Europe ;) ;)

    7. No am happy with mine in the meantime. But you get one ... n then u will automatically be able to fulfil ur reolution number 3,4,inspiration for 5, if a rich bf then 6 too! ;p

    8. Wow! Thats lovely! Wishing you alllll the best hun!

    9. WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Am gonna the most regular one there!

    10. Dunno what u talkin abt! But we all need a change isnt it? Wishing u best of luck again!