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Friday, January 25, 2008

Birthday wish for Neha-Rajbir

How do you expect me to remember your birthday when you never look old...:) Happy birthday mausiiijiii...:)


  1. happy birthday neha!!!! :)
    I'm sure u r having a rocking time now!!
    isn't darsh supposed to be arnd too??? gash... it sure must be rocking there!! :)
    rock on!!

  2. happy birthday messy! hope this day is full of happiness and fun...and have a wonderful year ahead ! tc pretty lady!

  3. Hi,Neha-happy birthday and many many more to come.

  4. maussiiijiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    aapko janam din ki shub kaamnaye... bhagwaan aapko dhersara khushi aur pyaarde.

    Hope you had a gr8 day Sorry for being late here :D

    GOD BLESS! :) :) :)


  5. Guys!

    Messy may not be able to revert cos her net is down.. :) So pls don't be upset if you don't a revert from our dashinggggggg beautifullllllll gorgeousssssssssss lovingggggggggg caringggggggggggg sweethearttttttttt messssyyyyyyyyyyyyyy uff mausiijiiii uff nehaaaaaaaaaa :D

  6. is jandin ke shubh awsar per hamari taraf se bhi shub kamnaye !!!

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