This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Au Revoir! (Keshi)

Don't ask me why, don't say I'm bad, don't say you're sad, don't say that I'll be missed, don't worry, don't bother. Thanks BUF for giving me space to write here, for giving me a chance to grow in knowledge and for giving me lots of new friends. But I must go now (not that anyone would care). But I know I will miss BUF! And goodbye my dear friends!


  1. keshi ...

    i don't know the reason WHY u leaving.. since you say not that anyone cares that you are hear.. so i don't think I have the right to ask that...

    Being here and keeping this live is one thing... what if people are tied up with lot of things .. u mean to say then you leave a place and go?

    May be yes.. So many should have left long back .. right?

    anyway... life can't the same the way it's been here and everywhere. So now you may be busy who knows ( not questioning )

    But, again.. if you have taken this stance i would respect your decision (though i care and want you to be here)

    You will again have a valid reason for this .. who knows?

    I don't want you to leave :(

  2. Its such a cool concept to have friends get together to post..Why leave???

  3. Won't say anything this time Keshur :) I know you made this decision sensibly and we all should learn to respect it. Have a good time :)

    Love ya!

  4. Hi,Keshi-how can you leave just now???I was about to suggest a topic,inspired by your Wednesday topic on your blog- Keshi bails out of a plane onto an island,and finds that each nook,each cranny of the island has a BUFer present.BUFers,how'd you react,and,Keshi,how'd you react?*smiles,imagining the idea*.

    So,come back,come back,Keshi-all should be forgiven,as they say!(I hope I log on tomorrow,and,see a post from you!)

  5. Oops,I mean,*smiles,imagining the scene(s)*.

  6. tnxxx each n every one of ya! plz read my comment in Ish's post just above.

    Goshhh u guys arent making it any easy for me to leave, jeeez! :)

    luv ya all!