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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Its a curve that sets everything straight!(Michelle)

A very big HELLO to everyone! Seems like everyone has plunged into their busy worlds post the holiday season.Ah well, c'est la vie.I have been extremely busy too.I'm beginning Japanese classes so I have to brush up on all my teaching material et al.I can't believe I'm following in the footsteps of my mom (teaching).I never thought that would happen.But hey, its something I love.My friends that slack off come to me for help anyway, might as well start teaching and earn a little dough on the side lol.

Anyway, I'm all about the 'smile'.I feel like I can peek into a person's soul when I catch a glimpse of their smile.I do believe that a smile can go a long way cause everytime I'm not in my best moods and a random person smiles at me, it makes my day (provided the smile isn't creepy and isn't the i'm-gonna-follow-you-now types).Jokes apart, there are myriad expressions and million of ways people smile and I believe everyone has their own way of smiling and thats what makes it so speical! A smile can make you feel lighter in the worst of situations.

So, smile your way through 2008!

The world always looks brighter from behind a smile!


  1. Hi,Mich.*smiles*-that pic was the best smile I've seen all day.*claps*(Incidentally,there were few smiles in Dubai today,coz it was raining cats and dogs,a rare phenomenon here.hehe)

    Hey,I've not really plunged into my 'busy world',but,was waiting for some new topics.

    Japanese?Wow.Put my on the list of students,one of these days..would love to learn that 'different' language.

    Lastly,yes,a smile can make you(and those around) feel lighter in the worse of situations-I totally agree.Nice post.

  2. Amazing! Miss teacher! Could you please teach me how to smile? :P

  3. WHAT A BEAUTY U R MICHI! Ur smile as well as ur gorgeous eyes and heart, light up ur pretty!


  4. there are myriad expressions and million of ways people smile and I believe everyone has their own way of smiling and thats what makes it so speical!****Totally agree on this fisshhhy...hv a great year ahead pal...:)

  5. amit,

    thanks amit! lemme know wen ur ready, we'll start classes right away :P


    pshh u do it better than me silly! hehe


    thank you keshi muah!


    right back atchaaaa!

  6. lol Michhyy I was scrollin down when I saw ur pic for this post and it looked so cheeky lol ... temme honestly what were u upto before u clicked this pic? Actually more than ur smile ur eyes are saying a lot .. u knw somethin like "am upto somethin really wicked mwahahahahaaa" lol

  7. can i sign up for your classes ?? :) :P

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  9. cute post by cute person :)

    you are reallyyyyy looking pretty in that pics :)

    and hope u make a good tutor :)

  10. loony,

    aaha...i donno..i guess i was in a cheeky mood...then again i am always in a cheeky mood :P


    sureee! :)


    thanks uttu! =)