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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Update (Uttara)

Update Update Update !!!!!
Wishing you all ...
...Happy Lohri !!!
...Happy Sankrant !!!
...Happy Pongal !!!

Since our Ishi Pishi has been busy or rather is busy, I’m putting up the update instead her. I was in Delhi for a week and we had a long long chat over this (BUF), she is actually quite busy with her personal front, I doubt if she could give her 200 % like before. But, this doesn’t mean that she is NOT going to come back. It will take some time. So I have been told to do this ;).

Firstly, lemme also say 'SORRY' for NOT being around and I also would be on and off here for some more time. Few of my close friends here know how busy I have gotten. I’ve been touring extensively to Bangalore and Delhi. So now smile as I’ll not abscond like before “smiles” .Talking about smile and thinking about it, lemme say that the new topic or the new word would be "SMILE " and "REFLECTION(S)". So go ahead and shoot with your posts :)

Happy Blogging!!!


  1. First a pappi, then a jhappi and then wishing happy pongala to my maal...:D

    I know u r busy(Not for me atleast...:P) and i m glad that all ur hardwork is paying off well...:)

    Topics r good and i'll come back on it soon...:)

  2. good to hear from u uttara...happy pongal :)

  3. Hi,Uttara-great topics..will get right down to writing,very soon.

    Happy 'all the fests'!Hoping to see many more posts from you this year.:)

  4. Thanks for the update uttara ... nice to hear from you after so long :)