This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Reflections (Suchi)

A lie about that truth of life
The truth about that lie to self

A feel of those tears
The tearing feel of that pain

A sigh of relief when all was calm
The relief of sigh which I'd named mine

A life that I made all my life
The made up life I once lived in

The laughters of joy forgetting my woe
A joy filled with laughter to keep me go

All these and more, this way or that
mean the same or maybe not

I have to move on with every beat
this way or that, I've to beat defeat

Reflections of life or this is simply me but
I believe in the person whose Reflections in the mirror I see
I might be late for this topic but 'Reflections' seemed just right to come back to BUF with .....


  1. Better late than never Suchi :)...

    Lovely lines...and the depth in them is something ppl close to you will feel and agree with. You set out an example to ppl to fight against the odds and become stronger. That's special :)

  2. thanks ishi!!! as usual, you seem to be the only one who understands :)

    talking of coincidences, coincidentally you are the only one who commented. but i'm fine with that as "you" will always be my reason to be around this world of blogging. GOD bless!

  3. wohi na....when we learn to be happy with what we have, everything/one else ceases to cause us disappointment :) and m always there 4 u!

    will call u to let u know wkend plans soon ok :)

  4. Nice post to be back with.
    Welcome back and we hope to see more of you here :)
    I like the self-confidence in the poem :) .. inspiring and encouraging!