This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


"3rd March was the day it all started a year ago. Where was I this time? Caught up with my life like most of us BUFers...atleast those who still get around here sometimes. Well, I can't believe I let it slip away unannounced...*sigh*

A year completed. A year drifted away...

With a wish of love and happiness for all the people who were, are and will be a part of can't help but wonder if this is simply the beginning of the end of what was once a beautiful blog to be a part of and which still tugs at my heart making me long for the people who once made it the crazy funfilled place it was...

But hey, we still have some of us who still find time to share our thoughts, lives, ideas, creativity with each other :) and I've always been one to believe in what we have rather than get negative about what's no longer there!

It takes a lot to walk past differences, to be your own person and yet accept the differences in others...for those who survive in BUF, it shows you guys are special and believe in making things...ideas,

Thank you all and although belated :)...wishing us all



  1. happy birthdayyy dear buf "belated" :)

    ishi i really knw how much effort u have put to keep this alive.. but again u know life is not the same the way it was b4..

    Sorry people for not being around.. i know i fault at it ... but, seems like I don't have time to breathe either..

    ishi u know it well.. so huggggggggs

    be merry be happy
    keep smiling

    love uttsy

  2. Happy BUF and BUFers,again!!

    **It takes a lot to walk past differences, to be your own person and yet accept the differences in others.

    Well said,'s hoping for a great year for everyone,and,in particular for BUF!!

  3. Amazing how one year has passed.. glad to see this space half alive a year down the lane.

  4. well... congrats BUF for making it thru a year!!! :)

    Guys, we shud have a party, u knw!!

  5. Well written Ishita :)

    BUF seems to be in its late teens right now .. confused and indecisive about its own existence.
    Just a phase, will be over soon and it'll all be back to normal or even better :D
    Nah am not being hopeful ... can see the future alrdy! :D

  6. Happy Bday BUF!

    LOL Cheesy @late teens..

    I think BUF is already in rehab :) Well it mite come out all good n refreshed again, u never know.


  7. @ Vishsesh... :)

    @ Uttsy... Yep I know life catches up :). An occasional visit is fine so long as u don't disappear forever!!! :P

    @ Amit... Yes, I meant that line coz that's the most remarkable feature of the surviving BUFers. Thanks :)

    @ John... Maybe if u get back it cld get back to being totally alive? :) ... hmmm?

    @ Sam... Ideally I would've liked to do something special too but given the fact that I am hardly around, that didn't work out *sigh*...

    @ Loony... BUF's been like an over enthu toddler growing into a confused teeen :P Now what next is the question. I guess it's best when we focus on the positive this space has given us, we can get it flourishing again :)...i like ur optimism!

    @ Keshi... BUF will revive but not without us getting back to our enthusiastic selves :) ... If I were fit enough to be around as often as I was earlier, I'd do a lot more to keep it going ... oh well, I will in time even if it means starting all over again!

  8. really loved this portrayal... over enthu toddler to confused teen... and lets hope loon's optimism comes true!!

  9. Wish I could Ish.. but you see.. I got back home a while back.. too busy y'know.. work and everything :P

  10. Dear John...idhar bhi bhaav khaaing...*sigh*..! I knowwwww exactly what u're busy with...hmmpfhhhh!! ;)

  11. @ Sam... Loony's optimism will work when we believe in it too :).. New topics are on, lets see the response!

  12. happy birthday BUF.....its BUF (& spl birthdays' month) nothing belated about it sweetie :)

  13. @ suchi... special month indeed. Another reason to celebrate is coming up sooonnn...kya plans hai :)