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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Favorite Time of the day: AmitL


My favorite time of the day, is surely the first 1.2-2 hours after waking up. The main reason is, of course, that I’m an early bird(to get the proverbial worm?LOL), so, I’m as energetic at this time, as I am tired by the end of the day(sometimes). So, what makes these morning hours so memorable?

First and foremost, of course, the reason is- it’s my time. I can schedule what I want, when I want. (Just like ‘my blog’ and I can write what I want, when I want. Heh heh.
(That's the perky feeling which mornings bring)

Once the mental alarm goes off at 0500 AM or so, I wake up, do a quick , err, ‘limb check’ to ensure all systems normal and functioning like they were the day before- the arms, legs, etc( and Thank God for the same!)

At a leisurely pace, I then enjoy( one by one, of course) ½ a lemon with two glasses of lukewarm water.(Clears any irritation in the throat), followed by:

- Making tea.

- Sitting and enjoy the half cuppa tea sip-pa by sip-pa.
- Reading either the morning paper(boy, do I miss TOI/ IE out here in the mornings? Indeed I do), or a Perry Mason or a Archie Digest or a mag, while sipping tea. This is followed by:
- Continuing to read – especially Perry Mason, if it’s an engrossing part. OR
- Doing some stretching exercises OR
- If in mood(which is most of the time), I go for a nice brisk walk, mp3 player in place. Enjoy the morning sights(or, the absence of them), the reduced traffic.Flick a copy of 7days from somewhere on the route(this is a paper distributed free here, but they drop it usually outside shops). If I walk in the garden, it’s always nice to see the greenery(normal and two-legged), then, there’s this couple who always bring food for the cats that inhabit the place, there’s some people doing yoga, some fast asleep on the benches……
- Reach home, bathe, get ready- by this time, it’s 0715 AM.

- Other occasional ‘enjoyments’ during this time:
- Breakfast of upma or idli or wholemeal bread or branflakes with milk, with a fruit. (This is the only time I feel hungry during the day)
- Watching repeat of ‘CID’ on Sony TV(On Sunday)
- Checking out my blog, BUF, others, emails, news!
- Deciding to take a day off and going back to sleep!

And, that(When I leave the house to go to office), as far as I am concerned, is the end of the day, during a (working) weekday. From then to catching the bus to returning home to falling asleep, the time just flies by. ……and, then, voila! it’s a lovely, beautiful morning again!!

(Pic: E.M.E. temple, Baroda)

Add-on: When in Baroda, the additional good part of the morning is joining in the morning prayers at the serene EME temple, one of my favorite places. For more on this and other places in Baroda, see here.
Waiting for other people's 'favorite time of the day', now!Loon Gal, Keshi, Sam..everyone-perk up,puhlease!


  1. very cheery morning amit! woo hoo we're both early risers!

  2. aah...I'm not such a "morning" person :P ... a hangover from my BPO work days I guess where this time of the day (early morning) was equivelent to midnite for me :)... nowdays, it's hectic with the kid getting ready for school n R getting set for work, the maid coming in to clean up...!

    But mid morning nowdays is "my" time on weekdays when I'm usually alone and free to do things I want in my own pace and space :)...ah well, lets save the rest for the post!!

    haven't read a Perry Mason in years, makes nice quick reading :)

  3. Hi,Mich-a Very Good Morning,indeed,fellow 'early riser'!!:)

  4. Hi,Ishi-hehe..well,if you were in a BPO,the early morning time is definitely midnite. I guessed as much about your current favorite time(will wait for your post,of course)- it'd surely be after the 'guys of the house' have left for the day,and the usual morning chores are finished!Right?:)

    And,do read a Perry Mason one of these days,again! It does make for speedy,enthralling reading!

  5. Aaargh @ 5.00 am! The thought of getting up so early is making me sleepy! lol
    I usually go to bed at or after 1 am and get up at 7 am (if i have work/university) otherwise am allowed an extra hour's sleep :D

    A very active start to your day I must say! Quite nice and healthy ... hmmm am impressed :D

  6. phew thats a lot of procedure...

  7. 5am? WTH Amit thats the time I begin to sleep. LOL!


  8. Hi,Loon Gal..did you fall asleep after writing that comment,I wonder?haha.Someday,you must tell me the secret of how you manage to stay awake till 1 PM.Even in school days,I couldn't,except for rare occasions(like watching movies on borrowed VCRs..but,that's another post topic)
    Hi, do you term that as 'procedure'??
    Hi,Keshi-you're worse than Loon can you stay awake till 5 AM?I'm sure you're kidding.:)