This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Monday, March 31, 2008

April - Topics and Announcements (Ishita)

A new month and time again to write on some new topics!!!

I won't be around much this month - got my parents coming to visit and the whole house moving happening. But before I disappear yet again, let me announce the new topics :)

1. A suggestion came from Loongal...I'm simply taking the liberty to copy paste it here :P coz I don't think I can explain it better :)

"How about a little blog game where everyone writes a post for a fellow-BUFer, where he/she names a shop / store / institution / organisation/etc after that BUFer based on his/her personality and traits."

An example she shared was - "Since Michelle is such a fitness freak, someone could name a fitness centre after her called Michelle's Fitness Club (actually should be something more interesting) and then describe the place according to his perception of Michelle's lifestyle."

2. The second suggestion is from Amit and has everything to do with April 1st :D

"The last time someone fooled me! or I fooled someone!"

Happy Posting ppl :)

Ps: I didn't make a formal announcement of Suchi's B'day (22nd March) here on BUF... but we celebrated it together and had a lovely time :) ... I baked her a chocolate cake (that's her favorite) and we spent the wkend together celebrating her special day and also Holi - the festival of colors :)

This month Neha (Messy) celebrates another year of wedded bliss on 18th April. Here's wishing her a lovely anniversary! and this is also the birthday month of a BUFer who's long since disappeared but yet left us with fond memories :)... Yes Kathy, Happy Birthday girl (29th April).

For the birthday and anniversaries that I might have missed...I'm truly sorry guys. Blame it on my continued absence from the blog I miss the most!


  1. lol those are interesting topics ;)

  2. hey ishi.. i guess almost all of us have been guilty of our absence...
    i dunno.. but sometimes i get this feeling that coming back and reading at BUF is perhaps the best thing possible... a sense of belonging... a sense of pride... i dunno.. it simply makes one feel good... and BUF really deserves the best from us...
    and at times i wonder what's happened to me... i simply can't write anymore!!
    i can't think!!!

  3. hey Ishi I hvnt forgotten/abandoned BUF..just didnt hv anything to write on the last topic (last time I cried happy tears etc). Cos I cant even rem such a time. All I've cried for a very long time is sad tears. And that topic sort of made me realise that and I was a bit shocked.

    Anyways nice new topics...will take em up some time soon.

    HUGZ! I hope ur keeping well?


  4. Hi,Ishi-hope everything's busily interesting at your home,with your parents there!I already posted on one topic..waiting for some posts from others,now!!:)I'm sure they'll come up over the weekend.
    I do wish I could see some posts from you,too,on the topics-but,well,there's always tomorrow.

    To the other:
    Buck up,guys!!