This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

here comes Amrita..

Hello friends at BUF,

I am Amrita, your new fellow blogger here on this space. I live in New Jersey and study at a college in New York City. I'm 20 and interested in English literature, more than my major which is computer science.

Usually, I can talk at length about myself, but somehow this introduction post is something awkward to write. Probably because I've been surrounded a lot by other unwanted writing assignments like emailing professors or writing cover letters for the internships I want.

My birthdate is May 21 (Gemini) and my marriage anniversary is Nov 19. I love reading and I can remember favorite songs, quotes, dialogues etc. My college is very interesting because I had to take a variety of classes like Psychology, Philosophy, Contemporary History, Art of Drama etc. Except for these classes, college is a bore. lol.

I talk to my parents in India in about two days so you can tell how much a parents' daughter I am. You will know more about me through my posts here.

Last but not the least (Oh I so hate that cliche, but continuing) I am here on BUF because AmitL invited me to join this amazing new group of people who express themselves with words. Thanks Ishi for this opportunity to blog at BUF. I am looking forward to making a lot of good friends here. I'm keeping me real name as my user name here because I want to "keep it real", New York style. :)
I also blog as Red Soul.

Current topic: My favorite time of the day

Choosing topics like this and writing about them is a very nice idea of removing the writers block. Let me see how my favorite time of the day as I write this post.

I guess it has to be the night (time of the day?). Yes, the time when I come home after a long day in the city and in college, is my favorite time. Around 11pm I come home and then there is dinner time and TV time! I believe I am a good eater, in a sense that I like to savour the flavour with each bite..

This time is very relaxing and refreshing because I get to watch my favorite TV sitcoms - Sex and the City, Fraiser, Will and Grace, Celebrity Apprentice, Lipstick Jungle, Comedy Central, just to name a few ;) .. This time is my own time, I get to paint my world with my colors, my favorite music or my thoughts - through the things I can do at my comfy little home.. I blog in this time, summing up the happenings of the day, I call home in India and speak to parents..

I love the peace of the night, and I study better somehow in that time. lol, I hope "night" can be counted as a "time of the day".


  1. hey Amrita WC n u look so cute :)

    I love the Night too...the stillness of it..the peace and quiet of it...the beauty of it. Im a night owl for sure hehe.


  2. Hi,Red(my fav nickname for u),nee,Amrita- a hearty welcome to you,finally!!And,a very nice 'first post',let me say-with some of the 'facts'unknownst to me too!hehe.

    **interested in English literature, more than my major which is computer science.

    Heyyy,just like me-more interested even today in Eng as a major than in Mech Engg which I did..but,I guess it's a couple of years too late to change that,now!!

    You come home at 11 PM? Good Lord-that's some college-if it keeps u awake till that late hour.(Though,I suspect it's the 'winners doing different things' part of you that keeps you out that late,and not college).

    Well,all said and done,welcome again and,I'm sure you'll bring just that extra bit of zing to BUF!!

  3. hi amrita: lol! someone young again :) but i guess i am still the youngest here :) night 11 fav have insomniac?

  4. Hey Amrita, the Girl, RedSoul and so many different names! Good to have you here.

    You know, that you know me. dont you?

  5. Aakash, :D oh course yes. lol.... :P :D

  6. Welcome to BUF Amrita!! :D

    You look cute and I just visited your blog ysday and thats where I said No wonder you're a Gemini.
    There's a lotta Gemini here now .. so we can start bullying people and discriminating too ;p
    You have full back up and support because Ishi's one herself! ;p
    Married at 20! Lucky! ;p

    Anyway looking fwd to reading more of ur posts!

    See Ishi ... I predicted the glorious future of BUF .. and we can all see it happening alrdy!

  7. ahaan, you've become a BUFFer now!
    happy posting!

  8. Welcome to BUF Amrita! The first thing I noticed was ur pic... lovely smile :)

    We have a few things in common (like Loony pointed out...the Gemini angle) and also the fact that m quite a "parent's daughter" :) and u got married young! I thot I got married young but I was 23 :) ... i guess that's coz a lot of my friends married late :)...!

    Looking forward to reading from u!


    @ loony : U're right BUF still works! I'm always happy when we have new BUFer!