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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Last Time I Cried Tears of Happiness... (Aakash)

Last time I cried tears, the
viscous trickle of molten happiness, is
a time I don't want to remember.
For I fear, that I'll think of you. That
the touch of your warm moist breath and
the smell of your skin will linger
reminding me once again
of the hungry vaccuum you left behind.
Emptiness filled with the fact
that you are not with me.

(I am silent, but I am not yet gone.)


  1. aww Aakash as usual a profound poe by u...LOVED IT.

    Love the last line the best...

    HUGS dun cry...cos Im still here :)


  2. wow :) i'm not surprised u wrote sumtin like tht...u just get better and better...very heartfelt...lucky is the person who its directed at :)

  3. Hi,Aakash-that was a nice one-pretty profound.

  4. Short and crisp!
    Like it ... very good with words, aren't you? :)
    I'll save it, if you don't mind, for the future.

  5. Oh the hungry vacuum. The poem makes SO much sense. makes a broken heart cry.

  6. @Keshi: Thanks Keshi. I know you are around. :) Hugs.

    @Vishesh: Meanings, meanings, meanings my master!

    @Michelle: Thank you Mich, and did you say lucky? Lucky because she left me? Am i that bad? :)

    @Amit: Thanks man, glad you like it.

    @Loon Gal: Good with words? Ummm... you'll have to tell me.

    @Amrita: Your heart is not allowed to be broken Girl!

  7. Good to see u here vyom :)

    heartfelt lines there... hmmmm...

  8. That was jus reall beautiful to read...

  9. no u shes lucky cuz u felt so much for her...but also unlucky cuz she lost sumtin so great