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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gaming Machine(Michelle)

Only two people have posted on the game suggestion? Tch Tch *shakes head*.So, my computer almost died which is why I haven't been around much.Anyway, the game thing sounds fun so I'm going to give it a shot.

Loony's London Couture

I'm high on fashion, she is high on fashion.Our very own Loon Gal has amazing fashion sense and her clothes just keep me bawling and calling her all sorts of names cause all the stuff she has is just so pretty! My friends, here in Pune, love her sense of fashion even though they don't really know her and we often sit and admire and drool over the stuff she puts together( That doesn't make us sound very good does it?) I personally think she'd do great in the couture field.She'd put Valentino out of business.May it be boots, dresses or chuddidars.This girl is top notch! ;-)


  1. Hi,Mich- lovely thought..Loon Gal will be all smiles,in the midst of her exams,I am sure.:)But,you didn't tell us-what'd you call the store??' The LG Boutique'??

  2. lol...where and when is the launch?

  3. Spot on abt Cheesy and hey Michi good job!


  4. amit,

    lol yeah i know she'll like it and i did name it

    loony's london couture lol


    coming soon! hehe


    thanks kesh :)

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  6. OMG!
    Am I flattered!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks so much .. am already on the seventh heaven lol

    I think you yourself have a fab dress sense!!

    Thanks so muchhhhhhhhh mmmmmuah!


    P.S. Am sorry I have not been around lately. There's shitloads of work to be done and submitted and then my final year exams! I can't wait to be back next month! And its hard to resist myself from commenting on all the posts ... esp this one lol

    Thanks once again Michyyy xx

  7. Hi,Mich-ooh,sorry..I thought u'd given 'loony's london couture'as a title/heading for the post.:)Nice one.