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Monday, April 14, 2008

The BUFer game:AmitL

Hi,Vishesh-a big smile at your reminder for posts!! It seems that people are busy with year endings, exams, holidays……!!!! Come on, guys and gals, wherever you are, on your hols or on duty, I’m sure you’ll have net access, na? Penning a few thoughts is always a great change from the routine of work/study life . At least, I find it so! J:)

I thought and thought- which fellow BUF-er to pick? Thought about character traits- of everyone I’ve met via BUF- Ishi, Loon Gal, Mich, Vishesh, Raj, Sam, Uttara, Silvara,…… ran (read)through people’s ’10 things about me’. And, expectedly, came up with one logical answer-Keshi. It reminded me- that although everyone here is a good,nee,great friendly friend, character traits cannot really be judged unless you’ve me that person or, the person writes from the heart, about everything, like Keshi does.

So, what’d I name after Keshi?

The Institution: Keshi’s Friends’ Society (KFS, in short-does it rhyme with a food chain?*muses*).

What’d it have? All kinds of sections, to match everyone’s mood! For example, I can think of:

The Friend’s Lounge at the entrance, where Keshi, the happy proprietor, would be sitting on a special heart-shaped chair with a big smiley painted on it, feeling thrilled to be welcoming everyone!( and tiring out her voice box in the bargain. grin)

The Music Lounge: On the left side, would be a soundproofed room containing 8-10 music systems with Bose headphones attached to each one for everyone’s dreamy listening pleasure. The wide variety of music choices would be of the kind that Keshi loves, but, yes, also all other varieties as well, since she never imposes her views/songs on anyone and is happy to let them choose their favorites.:)

The Bloggers Lounge : Would be a section with a multitude of computers, all net-connected. Where people could blog to their heart’s content. The home page would be Keshi’s blog, but naturally. And, Keshi’d soon have to remove the ‘comments moderation’ part from her blog, since the comments would be flowing in at 100 per minute. (I think they flow in at that speed even now!grin!)
There’d also be an ‘updated blogs’ 42” plasma screen on the wall, showing a list of the latest updates on Keshi’s friends’ blogs.

The Photography Lounge: Where all of Keshi’s albums would be on display- pics of her with her favourite people, favorite bloggers, favorite kids…. There would be a ‘Friends’ wall’ as well , where visitors to KFS could put up their authgraphed pics, as well! For those who did not bring their pic, thoughtful Keshi has made arrangements for a ‘quick pic’ (Jhatpat Photo, as they call it in India) cubicle. The wall would have to be extendable, of course!

Just when you are feeling that you have entered heaven and could stay in this cozy place forever, you’d come to the exit door, saying ‘Thank you- do come again’.

Keshi, err, any additions I should have made?:)

PS People have been known to exit, and reenter once again from the main door, since they cannot bear the thought of leaving such a nice place.

Till the next post, Cheerios!!Awaiting some posts from everyone on the April topics, now!


  1. aww Amit Im in such a hurry but I came here after reading ur email. ty so much! Ur so creative...I cant believe how good this post is!

    I will come bak to comment in detail after Friday.

    TC n tnxx again!

  2. This is such a neat post Amit..not cos u chose me but the way u hv written it. So beautiful n clever!

    However it seems only Vish wanted to say anything abt it here. :) Where r the others?

    Once again, Im not saying this cos u chose ME. Im saying this cos u hv written it really well n put in so much work into this post...very creative Amit.



  3. Hi,Vishesh-thanks!:)
    Hi,Keshi-I'm so glad you liked it.:)Don't worry about the others-I think the posts are picking up again,so,I'm sure we'll have lots of people dropping in,reading,some commenting,some posting-in the coming days.(I'm the eternal optimist.:))

  4. hehe Amit :)

    Its not abt wanting comments, but when ppl put in so much of an effort to write something good, others must acknowledge it. If they simply read and leave w.o. commenting, there's no point in having a Group blog and assigning topics. Where's the contribution for discussion? :)