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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Race to Cash... (Sam)

Don't go by the name!! Honestly, can anybody race to cash??? Ummm.... well.. I think you can. No come to think of it, Race and Cash individually were really awesome movies. Okkk.... not so much for Cash, which was just about OK.
Other wise what does Race signify?? Competition?? Or your ancestry?? To me race reminds of nothing but some power packed cars and bikes. Vroooooooooooom!!!! hehe... to each his own I suppose!!!
Cash... ah well!! that which we seek so much in life. Some say it isn't important to them and yet you'd fine them hankering for that rise or for that extra 5 bucks the cabbie asked for dropping them off some remote corner of the city or may be while tipping the waiter after a good meal!!
Frankly is that all cash reminds me off?? May be... I guess after some insight into the ways of the world I can safely vouch.... "Money matters honey!!"
And yeah, in case you haven't heard the title track of Cash, do listen to it. The song does hit quite close to home there!!!


  1. Hi,Sam...nice to see the first post from you on the May topics.

    Nice to see what the two words remind you of.:)

    And,yes,the title track of Race is nice.

  2. title track of cash is so good.. it has more 2-3 catchy songs. abt race's title song is great. but both the movies were so senseless.

  3. hvnt seen either :)

    tnxx for this post Sam!