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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Festival season ... :) (Uttara)

festival time....

Guys this is my favvvvv festival... "Diwali" ( festival of light, colour, wealth, happiness, and people) and its makes me feel so positive just like the way u find a ray of light/hope in the darkness...

Its a festival season.. just by putting up these pics it made me smile.. my heart smiles indeed :)... have u ever felt so peaceful ever b4?

Since it's festival time... i want each and everyone to write a post on
"light" and how this festival changes your present mood andhow u celebrate.. etc etc :)( anything regarding this festival)....:) isn't it interesting?? :D

I tag RAJ n KESHI to write the next post :p get onto the act n tag ppl here.. they all r so slack!! goshhhh!!

Ps: this is in addition to the topics given in the last update!


  1. Uttsy MWAH! Happy Diwali babez!

    TY TY TY TY for this beautiful post! I wanted to break this silence in BUF n put up a Diwali post and u did it before me. IM SO GLAD. We seem to think alike. HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ!

    ENJOY the festive season darling!


  2. I'll second that Keshi!!
    Wonderful post and great timing Uttsy...
    Shubh deepawali to everyone....
    And simply light up your life guys.. let's rock now!!
    oops... i see my boss strolling over.. gotta scram!! [:D][:P]

  3. light at the end of the tunnel is what keeps all of us going....happy diwali

  4. pretti pics uttu :) and i love seein all these houses lit beautiful! happy diwali guys!

  5. Hi,Uttara...great pics,right in the spirit of the festive season.:)Yes,just seeing the pics made me feel ever so peaceful.

    Great idea about the 'light' post...will come up right after I finish the 'ring' post which I've been writing since a week,but,am circumstantially unable to post.

  6. Oooh this one looks fun :d Happy Diwali to everyone in advance - this year it's going to be fantastic :D

  7. Uttsy get better soon. HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ!