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Friday, November 2, 2007

Colour: Black

Feel like I have not posted anything here for a very long time! *sigh.. Hopefully I'm not too late in posting on the word of everyone's choice "Colour".

First thing that occurs to me when someone mention "colour" is black - my favourite one. And the next thing that comes to my mind will be this photo:


Sure most of my blog readers have seen this photo, but I can't help it :P Time to show off!!

Between, Deepavali greetings to all BUFers!


  1. Thats a beautiful pic od ur's Ammu! I rem that one very well and I love love love that Black saree!!

    **show off

    if u've got it, why not flaunt it ha. :)

    Hv a good one babez!

  2. Hi,Tulip..I wonder what's wrong-I refreshed twice,and,still what appears in place of the photo,is:
    MKSP UPM 2007.

  3. black is one of my fav colours too! its so definitely looks classy on u ammu! ;) happy diwali!

  4. You look beautiful - black sarees are always so elegant looking :D

  5. Hey Amu, You look gorgeous even with those tightly zipped lips :-)
    Where's the smile ? :-)))
    That would tell i'ven't seen this photo before. Yah, reminds me of good old blog days.

    I went through a few posts on colour and sparkle. Good to see your old buddies still writing n sharing thoughts n having fun.

    Happy Diwali to all of you !!

  6. Black is my fav colour too.. :)

  7. beaauutttiiiifffuuuulllllllllll

    u look gorgeoussssssss :):):)

  8. black is my fav too !! love the colour .. and u look so nice :D i've seen this pic before .. but believe me its worth showing off 100 more times lol

  9. to all,

    sorry i couldn't reply each and everyone of you personally. running short of time here. will be off from blogging for couple of days.

    thanks a lot for the comments. and thankfully no one seems to be bored looking at the same pic again and again :P

    and amit, thats a bit odd.. u may find the photo in my flickr.

    see you all and Happy Deepavali in advance.

  10. Black is always chic and high fashion!