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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What's on @ BUF! (Ishita)


Right then, as is obvious I’ve been busy and haven’t been coming around here since I put up my last post…

And this is likely to continue in the next couple of weeks. On 6th I will be off to visit my folks and being online will be severely limited. But before that in the next 5 days I have a helluva lot of stuff to pack and settle plus two events coming up – the grandparent’s day show at Vedant’s school :) and a Diwali Extravaganza in out apartment complex this weekend…which ofcourse leaves me with less than 5 days to get set for my trip!!!

So now while I am away what’s gonna go on in BUF? :P

Lots if I can have my way and convince you all to be in it! I do notice it gets a little slow here towards the end of a topic…and since I will be off for 2 whole weeks, I guess it’s best to run more than one word or one topic ….

Firstly, besides the word that did get selected “color” … feel free to write on all the other words on the poll! Yes that’s – ‘Hello’, ‘Ring’, ‘Fault’ and ‘Home’!

Also from the old topics – let’s have posts on “Blog/Music/Movie Review” and “My fav recipe” ….

And if that’s not enough, how about “10 things” but this time pick a fellow BUFer and write about them!

Or any updates or dedication...

I guess that’s a lot to write and comment on for the next two weeks. If there are pending invites, I’ll try and get those done before I leave.

I’m sorry I can’t come around and leave comments…I just read up the posts I missed out on and needless to say loved them all!

Loony I envy your beautiful fingers and the way you come up with such innovative ideas!

Vipul sorry I had no clue u were unwell…hope u’re much better and have a wonderful festival wkend :)

Sudeep, Mich, Silvara, Kesh and Amit….Sudeep ke pics ka toh kya kehna :P! I’ve always loved Mich’s posts…Silvara – lovely read :) … Kesh that pic is beautiful…and Amit yours made an interesting read indeed!

Lack of time has me writing this out here rather than commenting on your posts individually….I hope you guys understand…

Ideally I'd have written a post on this in my personal blogs but since that no longer exists...I'm sharing this special mention here ... Read the following!:)

Back in May I wrote a post on the topic “One day with someone from BUF” – Read this! And this weekend I finally met John and it was fun!!! He was just the way I thought he would be and that made it all the more easy to just be myself and feel totally comfortable with him. Which I guess is the way we all (R, Vedant, Suchi) felt….in fact V is quite a fan of John “bhaiya” as he chooses to call him. Interestingly, he was John uncle till one evening he spent sometime with V playing online games and since then V switched to bhaiya… :D … and we gotto have his famous chicken curry (Read here!) which was Yummyy! :) …. All in all time well spent and I’m hoping he’ll come stay with us again! :)

That's it ppl...Have fun!

And oh yes Happy Diwali!!! :) (that's on 9th Oct)


  1. Hi,Ishi..tks for a nice update. And,for the freedom to write on such a variety of words/topics during the next few weeks.:)

    Have a great holiday and wishing you a Very Happy Diwali.:)

  2. waah its time to celebrate indeed .. with so much freedom as amit correctly put it.

    thanks for ur comments :)

    woo u met up with john .. howz his tattoo lol

    and diwali is on 9th nov silly ... not october

    have a GREAT time with ur folks!!

    and wishing you a diwali full of success and happiness!!


  3. hey Ish tnxx for the update! With all the festivals n family, u must be really busy...enjoy hun, u deserve fun times!

    wow Jono with Puki awwww....nice pic! And I can see his tattoo too LOL! Jon bon havin sum 'fon'? ;-)

    Good to know u all met and had fun....wish I was in India!


  4. ooh that's heaps to write about :D I'll be away from BUF and probably even from my own personal blog from about the 16th of november for a month (about mid December sometime). Heheh that's coz I am getting married and there is so much to do (that also includes the honeymoon :P). I'll try and put a post or two up before then but just letting you guys all know :)

    Happy Diwali in advance to you Ishi :)

  5. aww Silvara Im excited for ya! where r u planning to go for ur HM? overseas or here?


  6. Nice post Ishi! Never knew all this time I was interacting with some BUFers... Mr.J (uncle), Loony, Keshi, AA and now You... :D And I think I've been to BUF blog before... but then that was ages ago i suppose!
    Happy Diwali to all!

  7. hey...
    shubh deepawali to everyone!!! :)

  8. Been away for a while so just checking in, have a great trip.

  9. heheh @ Keshi - i guess u could call it overseas lol - we'll be going to NZ for about 2 weeks - both Nth and Sth islands

  10. happy diwali to all n have a nice vacn Ishi