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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Word: Ring: AmitL

Hi, all. After a brief forced siesta, courtesy ‘stressed-out’ stage, I’m back to blogging.

I thought I’d start a kind of tag here, using this nice word.(The first 'ring' is up in the cartoon) What I’ve done, and, what the next person has to do is, carry the tag further, till we reach Z.. And, all the words have to be ‘nice’ ones, full of, err, youth n energy.

The A to Z of (words beginning with or ending with) rings.

A as in Alluring:

eg: She’s an alluring beauty.

B as in Baring

eg: What guys love most girls to dress as, except their GFs/wives. (And, err, vice versa?)

C as in Caring

eg : What people wish their partners would be. (And, they are, sometimes..hehe).

D as in Daring(In Hindi, that’s Bindaas)

eg : Did you see that plunging, daring neckline of hers when she came to work today?

On to the next BUFer…should I nominate the next BUFer for taking the tag forward?No,I won't..let's see who takes the cue and moves forward...I'm already writing the 'light' post,as Uttsy suggested in her post.(Great topical idea,Uttsy..has some great connotations).

Now, what else rings a bell in my mind about this interesting word? (Oh, there’s a ring in the sentence, too).

a)It reminds me of the following songs:

Ring my bell- Anita Ward

Brown girl in the ring- Boney M

b) It reminds me of a phrase: Ring in the New Year: As we shall soon be doing.

c) It reminds me of that cute nursery rhyme, singing which we used to dance, holding hands, as kids:

Ring-a-ring-o’- roses, a pocket full of …..

It would end with ‘we all fall down’, and everyone would sit down with a sudden bump. (Of course, now if you do that, i.e. fall like that, you’re likely to b-ring about a fracture. LOL)

Over to the next 'ring'er,nee, BUFer...:)Have a nice day.


  1. rignt now I cant think of anything but K for Kissing. LOL come to my blog and u wud know why.

    I'll take part in this post soon
    ;-)..after all the kissing LOL!