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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Rathna from deep White Forest...:)

I am glad that I have been invited to this forum of between friends!

Well, well, well…My best friend Seema has already given my warm intro generously!

Yes this is about me :) I am honored to have a friend like her who is so supportive and encouraging! Yes!

I am yet to know myself very well ...I will give a brief intro of myself as far as I know!

I was once upon a time studious gal until 12th std. But after that I drastically changed and leaned upon my extra curricula’s like singing, playing chess and theatre.

Though I take sometime to let a person into my world, I like making new friends and discover their nature completely. I have had the best times learning and discovering new things with my friends which is really unforgettable.

I love butterflies. May be bcoz they are colorful and beautiful! And thats my cute smile :D

Hmmm..mujhe bohot bohot bohot bohot gussa aata hain…I easily get angry. And this anger is devastating most of the times. Well none of them who know me and who just know me as a friend agree to this. There is a reason for that. I don’t get angry 90% of the times…the 10% of the times when I get angry, it’s devastating!

I play chess weirdly! I cannot tolerate when my opponent takes my Queen!
I feel as though he/she has taken away “ME” and imprisoned. I feel I want to spoil the game or resign from it though it’s not the end of the game!

There is always a combat between illusion and illumination in my mind....Whenever, I flow in the flow of other side of the mind illuminates me with its light ...and tells me to do what is right!

So to sum it up ...I am a combat btn…illusions and illumination! (that’s also my name in Orkut:) )

And to talk about current topic, Seema is my best friend for 2 n half years now. Yes the very same Jaan ki sweetheart….. For what she considers me in her life…whatever I say is going to be less.

She is extremely supportive and friendly. Very caring and she believes in nurturing friendships tenderly which I like the most in her. She is also my best critic. But she has a very nice way of putting things across. I hardly care about how I look, what I wear. Seema is someone who suggests things that can make me a better person!

I am always inspired by her boldness and confidence she carries along!


  1. hey rathna!! welcome onboard... hehe, though am just about as much a freshie as u r i guess!!.... nice intro... now i knw wot not to do with u??
    btw, wanna play chess?? am good at losing dat one!! :P

  2. heyy there...tis been nice knwing bout ya

  3. Welcome my dear.....
    Dear that was too much about me....

  4. WC Ratna!

    Ur beautiful and so sweet. Hoping to get to know u more.


  5. ~ hey Sam... thanks...and wat is that you dont want to do with me ? :P

    sure..we can catch up for chess sometime!

    ~ thanks shooting star :)

    ~ thanks wacko...

    ~ thank you seems...

    ~ hey keshi ...thank you dear!

  6. Hello White Forest..:D

    WElcome abroad!!:D

    Cute smile indeeds.;)

    And interesting personality.

    ***I cannot tolerate when my opponent takes my Queen

    LOL been there.. for some reasons it juz sucks!! The BIG "L" seems to ring a loud bell..hahaha

    Am really happy to see u here White Forest.Hope to know u so much more..


  7. btw r u the same White_Forest as the one who comes to my blog??


  8. hey hi rathna... welcome aboard... i wish i could play chess well enough... id steal ur queen all the time.. even if u check mate me :p

  9. Hi Rathna,

    You were the first one i welcomed on the SB. So you are a milestone for me. :-)

    Good to see you here, i m very bad at chess, but i can play and you can take the queen whenever YOU want to. :D

  10. ~ hii Jewel rays,

    thank you :)

    lolz... well yes the powerful and most dangerous L ... i got you! :)

    ~ Southpaw unplugged,

    Yes i am rathna :D

    ~ yes Keshi..its the same White Forest!

    ~ lolz messys musings :)

    preferd you would give yoru Queen to me :P

    ~ hey Aakash...thanks ..m honored :)

    ha ha ...nice ... wat will i do with 2 Queens!

  11. hey rathna!
    welcome :o)

    great to hav u here... hope to knw u better :o)

    tk care!

  12. there is one thing common..i hate losing my queen too!!! the best part is after that i throw away my peices but am learning to play without my queen,by gifting it....:)

  13. Hello hello hello!!


    good to see you around..

    now someone who is short tempered and loves to play chess is a deadly combo!!

    hv a good time here

  14. Hello Rathna

    Welcome here ...we guys will meet soon ;))

    You have a pretty smile.

  15. OMG Forest! How nice to finally see ya..HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ!


  16. ~ sure rich... thanks!

    ~ hi vishesh... lolz ... compromise ? such a big one ?
    how can you ? :P

    ~ lolz ..thanks!

    ~ hey let me and seema know when we can meet :)
    m waitting!

    ~ keshi ...
    :D *giggles*

  17. hi rathna,
    welcome to BUF.. hope to hear more from u .:)

  18. welcome to BUF Rathna...lukin frwrd to readin more from you :)

  19. Hey Rathna!! I have this nagging feeling I've met you before...your face is really familiar!!

    Are you from Pune by any chance? If not...great to see ya here and looking forward to hearing more from you...