This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Here I am, this is me (Sam)

About Me:


or may be a Scorp??

You see being a cusp fella is tough!! But then that's what makes me different, a bunch of contradictions and totally, absolutely confused...... confused sam.

Now, I have to introduce myself. This isn't an easy task, but let me try.

Hmmm.... now this is tough!! One can ramble on in an eclectic manner and say stuff that may be hard to decipher for the not so intellectual minded individual, else one can choose to be simple in approach.... I think I'll choose the later, for it is the simplest of things that can create the greatest of impacts!! Here goes:

I am a simple fellow, who loves to be the friendly soul around. Show me some good chocolate and music, and you couldn't have found a better way to bribe me. The rest u can figure out..........

On second thoughts, I'm an absolute nutter. Totally confused, lazy and crazy about good music. If you are around me, anything can happen.... good or bad, no guarantees! LOL!!
For the rest.... hey I am still around....... let's talk!! Cheerio!!

Personal Trivia:

  • I am Bong, but not the typical one..... and definitely not into fish and rice.
  • Crazy about music, I play the guitar and sing.
  • Though I appear to be very playful, I'm very, very serious minded, and am particular about etiquette.
  • Am a confirmed foodaholic, orkutaholic and now a blogaholic.... lol.....
  • I love to analyze people and dig into their thoughts (only if they are interesting enough!!) and I get amazing results.... and earn friends for keep!! :)
  • My friends consider me to be a smooth talker, mischievous, flirt, err..... and a few other stuff which should have made me proud... but then I never believe it!! Dunno why!!
  • Am very skeptical, and believe in something only after I have verified it's worth personally.
  • And I'm getting royally bugged just writing about me.... You may want to check out the post "BIG Quirky me" where I had listed out similar stuff..... and about 35 of those!!

Confused Gyaan :

" If you cannot present something in a single and simple sentence, that thing is either of profound significance..... else utter nonsense..... the choice to believe is yours!!"

Current Topic: My Favourite Childhood Memory

For a person who has spent his childhood travelling from Patna to Mumbai to Jaipur and then finally to Kolkata, I have a big treasure trove to choose from and I am spoilt for options. So I think I'll give you all a bunch..... enjoy!!

The first thing I remember from my childhood is trying to walk on the wall!! Surprised?? Well, there was this ad where they did just that, and I was determined to do so...... I still remember trying to walk.... while my feet did their duty well, my torso refused to defy gravity...... guess my first shattered dream.............

Was a foodie right since my childhood and simply loved the kitchen. Back in Patna, mum would set me up with some utensils allow me to create a racket in there while she would get busy around. And I would wait for the moment she leaves the kitchen to look into the forbidden areas.... So often I would end up being caught with a lot of those grains around me, which I would happily pick around :), and mum in an equally opposite frame of mind give me a whack!! Wonder why she never loved picking those grains and tasting them as it is?? Now, there was this one time, this would be warrior decides to enter the kitchen without permission. The coast was clear..... fast steps take the warrior close to the fascinated spot of the day.... and then SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEESH!! The whistle of the pressure cooker goes off...... Surprised by this sudden and never heard of intrusion, the warrior scrambles to safety outside the domains of the now strange territory called kitchen....... That was the day.... from then till today, the warrior is still scared of that thing..... much as the Gauls were afraid of the sky falling on their head. Now don't you go and share this with anyone else!! Please................ promise me you won't!! :P

And then there was Ronita......... not much memory of her though except the teacher always trying to separate the two chatterboxes and failing gloriously!!! And then a complaint to my mum..... my first ever.... so you see I was influenced by the girl factor since I was about 3.... :D

Wish I could write on and on, but time doesn't permit me the freedom. So pull things to a stop...... There was this cranky old guy whose trees we would climb for some fruit (don't remember the name), then "kala kutta" a black dog who managed to terrorise us kid successfully when we were in Jaipur, and my sister once getting terrified of it just by hearing about it (I admit spicing it up a bit, wanted her out of my hair... had some mischief planned)... and shouting on the top of her voice "lala kutta"... she was just three............ or the............ enough!! no more........ lol..... so many years, so little space, so few words.....

I'll sign off here.........




  1. The first thing I remember from my childhood is trying to walk on the wall!! Surprised??

    lolz very funny :)

    Now is the time to make your dream come true! All you have to do is get a pair of shoes that'll let you do that!

  2. lol so u tried wall climbing hu/ well see my post i loved doing that.....

    as white forest says go get a pair of good shoes....come come on!!

  3. welcome sam...!! walking on the wall well i never tried doing tht, but i did wonder if i shud :P i was a big climb freak...used to keep climbing trees and i remember i cudn get down once :P

  4. @white forest:
    errr........ i did try dat wen i was in college.... got my torso off, but my head betrayed me!!

    @vishesh: oh am an equal nutcase.. or rather was... never let my size interfere with dat!! :P

    @michelle: hmmm..... no i never got up from wer i cudn't come down... was always smart on dat one.... though fell on my rear on a number of occasions!! :P

  5. hey there sam!!!!! welcome to BUF...ur intro surely seems intersting...i like the fact that ur not nuts about fish n rice....thats very similar to me..!!!!...and orkutaholic ...that's me too!!!! as a fellow BUF er and bong ..wish u a rocking time here!!!!

  6. hey star, thanks for a warm welcome!! and am more than just glad that u find my intro intersting... as for me i just wrote woteva came to my mind :P
    no clue wot so ever abt the contents or whether they were making enuf sense for teh reader :D
    thnx again!!

  7. Jump on board Sam! Great to have u here.

    **good music

    depends on what u consider 'good' to be, doesnt it :) So what kind of music d u like?

    And what's Bong? Pardon my ignorance hehe.


  8. Great Intro and post Sam! You kept me reading right on.:)

    ***Show me some good chocolate and music, and you couldn't have found a better way to bribe me.

    GREAT stuff!!:D the part when you were trying to climb the walls. :D Reminds me of spiderman..:D

    Enjoy ya stay Aites!:D


  9. he he... ur funny for sure... i think i shudnt call u sam.. how would spidey sound??? :p

    n i know how brothers are! love terrifying sisters! ufffff

  10. Ha hA Sam! Very well written intro. So a guitar and song guy, welcome brother!

    And foodie since childhood too? Bhaiyaa!!!

    And your Confused Gyaan bit, was very nice.

    Rock on!

  11. @keshi: err.. my choice of good music ranges from the beatles to LP... kishore to KK, asha to shreya ghosal....
    mettalica as well as kenny g!!
    forgot to add... musicaholic!! :P

    btw, Bong is short for Bengali!!

    @jewel rays:
    am glad u enjoyed it....

    @southpaw unplugged:
    thnks mate!!

  12. @messy musings:
    another nick?? gosh i keep collecting them now.... i luv terrifying anyone.... dats one of my fav timepass!!
    and thnx for helping out with that bong thingy!!

    thnx buddy!! hey.. gr8 to see u sign off with dat phrase.... one of my sign offs too.... :)

    Thnx for the warm welcome!!

  13. heyy sam! welcome :o)

    n hey! a true libran if there was one , i think i understood ur post really well! :o)

    good to see you here!

    p.s. - librans rock! :P

  14. hey thnx rich!!
    lolzzzz..... librans are truly teh most "balanced" :P
    charmers of teh zodiac i've heard!! :D
    let's rock!!

  15. nice to learn new things from this post of yours namesake... :D u never mentiond abt climbing walls eating grains and even scared of pressure cookers...ROFLMAO!!!!!!...

    nice flow in ur writing as usual namesake.... :)

  16. hey namesake... thnx for ur comments..a dn now dat u knw abt this don't u go around sqealing on me!!

    @BUFers: in case u r wondering abt teh namesake thingy, its coz of a dare that aashi had to play out wer she had to replicate my profile.... and den fool 5 of my friends into a very intimate conversation.... so for a few days there were two sam on orkut... almost identical..... and thus we are namesakes!! :D

  17. Well come bongoliii babu!!

    inetersting combo of cities uve lived in!!
    no wonder!!

    and you like to analyse..
    well that is interesting!!

  18. Hi Sam ..Welcome :)))

    ***Totally confused, lazy and crazy **** ME2

    hahhahaha loved reading your post seem to be a very jovial person .

    Welcome and looking forward to know you more


  19. @abhi: abhi to shuru ki hai.... aage aage dekho...
    err... no wonder wot???

    @poo: me jovial?? oye... isko doc ke paas le jao.... :P
    thnx 4 teh welcome!!

  20. hey sam,
    u born on oct 23rd?? me on 24th.. kinda cuso too :)
    looking fwd to hear more from u.. tc..

  21. @diya:
    umm.... mine wud be 21st!! :)
    and u shal def hear a lot from me... am "very quiet!!"

  22. i know dis is late!! But welcome to BUF... :P

    interesting intro...candid and insightful...made a good read indeed :)

    u shud sing for us in the VM...think abt it? :)

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. finally ishi... beter late than never :)... thnx for the welcome!!
    and singing on VM?? well.... actually I tried recording but teh software didn't run at my end... so trust me once things are set, u'll get to hear... else i wud have to record things and then upload it here!!
    till den cheerio!!