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Sunday, June 10, 2007

My Best friend (Seema)

Heh friends sorry to be writing after such a long time..but i fell ill u know..had viral fever and was in bedrest for one week....Anyways now iam back and hope to be blogging on and on and on....

This time the topic that has been decided has been "Favourite childhood memory and/or talk about your best friend..." My Chidhood memories are so bad that i better not remember them. Anyways yes today i would be talking about My best best best friends......

Ya thats right this post would be dedicated to my two friends who are so close to me that without talking to them my day doesnot get complete....

The first person i want to talk about is my collegue and my best pal who has been with me for the past 2 1/2 yrs thru thick and thin. Lent her shoulders to me whenever i cried and adviced me whenever i needed it.... Ya her name is Nagarathna....My best buddy...No what she is so younger than me but believe me you she is so mature than me. Whenever iam low she advices me so well...seems like she is my elder sister. She always make me feel good. And believe me she is so ambitious...Has lots of dreams....And she is who makes the saying very true..."Good things come in small packages"....She is damn talented man....She is so talented...And she being the eldest at home takes care of her family, works, takes time out for her studies, takes time out for her friends, takes time out to go to gym, takes time out for her extra curricular activities( She plays chess, is great at suduko, Loves to dance salsa, and loves to blog) and what language she has man....God if i start praising her this blog wont be enough.... There is just one thing i have heard her feeling sad about her height but sweetheart let me tell u " U have many good things in you that ppl will not even look at your height" Lolz iam really lucky to have you as my friend. And also she is the one who introduced me to the world of blogging..... This is the pic we took on her bday party....

The second person obviously is my sweetheart....My Jaan..The special and the Mr.right of my life. Jaan...without whom prob i would never have survived all the crisis in my life. He never let me cry on his shoulder and all that...Know his love for me has never been like college romance. He always wanted to have a mature relationship and prob thats why he chose me....Ya actually he is the one who chose to make me his sweetheart. He always wants me to be strong and mature but always i end up leaning on to him for the support and care. Its not cause i am not strong but cause its the first time in my life i found true love and i want to enjoy it till i can. Tmrw before he leaves me i want to enjoy the relationship so much that i should be able to live in the warmth of the friendship we shared. He is a doctor. He too co incidently is younger to me only in age but the way he behaves sometimes i feel he is like my dad...he he he... He is so organised and has beautifully planned his future and now is planning mine.... He loves his car and his mobile ( more than me...sob sob sob)... Loves to party( he showed me what life is outside home), loves to travel, loves his work, loves music, and yes he lovessssssss biriyani.....he he he... And what i love about him everything....everything....Thanks sweetheart for supporting me and being there for me.......
And all those friends that i have not mentioned here..iam sorry..U r close to my heart but these two stay in my heart........


  1. Hello Seema,

    Glad to hear you are well from that viral fever.:)

    Thats really nice having two people or mates you can count on. i think you are so right when you said that the beauty of ya friend goes beyond her height. Its pretty how you saw the specialities in her. :)

    Great to know the two gems in your life. Hope they blossom deeper and stronger as the day goes by.

    :) Love da first pic. Cool stuff.

    ~Jewel Rays

  2. Hi Seema How are you? How are you feeling now?

    Sorry cunt call you ...have been very busy these days.

    Its so nice to know that you have some one so special in ur life.

    Take care sweetie and keep smiling always :))

  3. Good to know you are better. Virals suck bigtime!

    And this is very eloquent. :-)

  4. And all those friends that i have not mentioned here..iam sorry..U r close to my heart but these two stay in my heart........

    just hit the right are lucky indeed!!!

  5. heyy seeems...

    That is sooooo sweeeeeeeeeeet of you to write about me!

    Thannnkkk you!

    i simply dont have any words to say other than Thank you!

  6. Its great that u have someone who u can truly rely on. It's very rare that u get such ppl in ur life.

    Beautiful pic!


  7. Heh dear Ratna(white forest)...U r most welcome...U really do rock dear...

    Heh Keshi...Really my friends are gems...Both are very rare to find and iam lucky to have both these precious and rare gems in my life

  8. hey seema,
    treasure the 2 ppl in ur heart..i loved ur last line.. wood touch dear... lovely lovely post.. tc of ur health..

  9. nice knowing more abt u and d special ppl u cherish... :) ! friends are such a blessing...