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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Voila *wacko* tis!!

holla mates!

Finally, I do get a chance to become a part of this wonderful blog 'BUF'. I have been wondering what it takes to attract people towards one's blog, but unfortunately cudnt get a hint till now [:P]. I found this blog where i've instantly become friends with a lot of people hanging round here without even joining it. Well, this not being the sole reason for me joinin BUF, I actually realized that it is very creative and innovative to have a group of friends converging together to share what they feel like and simultaneously get to know what others feel. [:)]

Not deviating from my aim, crisp and short it will be! [:D]

As some of the Buffers here already know me by 'wacko', i would rather prefer being called as Anshuman. Yeah, thats my name! I dont actually know what 'anshuman' means but I defnitely have a hint of what 'wacko' means [:P].

As the name suggests, I am a bit weird and difficult to understand on the first hand. But, once i get hold of you(or vice-versa), I bet there aint any damn thing in this world that could get us part(till we lame :P). I am currently pursuing my BTECH engineering from a not-so-cool college(Dehradun Institute of Technology) situated in the Doon valley of Uttarakhand, India. Though the college is not cool, the serene environment and the calm ambience there is definitely enchanting. Anyways, I love making friends(got half a million f em :P). I like people who are full of sarcasm, should possess a great sense of humour, trendy and witty not to mention! Some of my friends think I carry unwanted attitude with me, but on the contrary, I think 'attitude' is the only thing i cherish having in me. (yeah yeah i can very well differentiate between having a good and having a bad attitude).I really dont care much of what people presume or think about me! I dont give a damn.Matter of fact, I would really like to tell ya that some of the best friends ive ever had are ONLINE. I am what I really am. I am allergic to people who really dont know how to carry themselves or people who flaunt unnecessarily.

I have this ever-eluding dream of going abroad and settling there(man..i hv this charm for blonde's :D). Not to mention, am working hard to get a goooood GRE! Though am not the fittest hanging around, but I am a sports freak..a fanatic to b precise! (are ya guys able to catch the sarcasm filled moi?). I lauuuuuv music especially Hip-Hop and Rock...Can listen to any damn nigga(no offense ya) besides my family and friends repeatedly cursing me not to follow these semi-naked black body hulks with absolutely no sense of gentle-man dressing sense(i hope you get me)!!

I like surfing as in anything which i find worth lookin upon. My friends keep asking me to tell'em some of the sites to surf, but unfortunately i can only manage to find a way out of their questions. In short, I really dont surf anything meaningful :D. I like fidgeting with my laptop, playin games(Counter Strike yeahhhh) and fooling around online! And yeah, I am not at all political by any chance. :D

I am a social animal, a shopoholic, and am freakin insane. I like adventures and would not mind turning raunchy some or the other times! :P I've been a NOMAD literally. I've lived in Surat, Calcutta, Kota and Dehradun presently, still planning to take my ass wherver life takes me to.

thats it for now i guess!
Here's a link to my alternate blog:

Ya gotta holla me back if ya wanna knw about me better! ;)

\m/ peace \m/

Current Topic: Introduce/talk about your best friend

Well, to start with..I really do not have a so-called "best friend" or whatever, but yeah at this time of my life, I would really like to mention about a very special friend of mine. She is Priyanka aka Pinka(it'll be P frm now on).

God knows what bestowed upon me, but unfortunately am not in touch with her anymore. So, all I have to share with you guys are just plain memories gathered in a span of some 3 to 4 years. And believe me or not, I met her online. Now looking at the very ironical fact of this particular phase of my life, the day I met her, she suddenly started acting weird and apart from a few swearings online, we havent been the same ever since that goddamned day! :x :x. We've never talked the way we used to. I miss talking to her not to mention! I even remember taggin her my best friend on HI5 :D.

Yeah, so gathering back all my emotions back...lemme tell ya some of her characteristics. She's a cancerian and so obviously she has this fukat ka attitude with her. She has this so-called mental block in her mind. By this, she refers to being petrified of some apprehensions that she has about meeting unknown people or talking to them. She has this so-called "respected" list of guys..Man, I tell ya, she's krazy..(not to mention a biaaatch too, but anyways i like her).

We first met when I was in the middle of my holidays after my 12th ka boards. All hail to Yahoo chat rooms...She was looking for this mentor she wanted, who could guide her for IIT and other exams and i bet she couldnt find anyone better than me ;). So this is where, it all began.

In the beginning, as most of the girls do hv security issues, so did she. She was afraid of trusting me and had a big doubt of even lettin me know her name. But anyways, since am not the usual hacker or whatever, I finally managed to make her understand that am humane enough to talk to. :D

As years passed by, we managed to keep in touch through mails incase of calamities and the usual chatting when it was perfectly normal. I still remember my parents and my sisters scolding me like anything for chatting with a person completely unknown. But, it seemed really hard to make em understand how well we both bonded all these years. I literally knew everything about her. I just hope she did too :). We had this rigorous sessions of sarcasm filled statements aimed right at each other. There were these long heated talks between us which ultimately i had to give up cuz of her attitude and shit. We had this so-called online dates where we used to fix up a time and then consequently not show up most of the times :P.

Then, one day I finally convinced her to meet me and get her fear away of not meeting unknown people. We did meet. I really enjoyed being with her. We parted nicely. It was just that she was in a hurry and was a bit tired. Ever since, we just met online a few times and things hvnt been bitter enough ever before. I told her what i felt and that was it.

I can perhaps write a whole book out of it, as I sincerely loved every moment I spent with her online. I dont actually know what happened(just in case ya ask me) between both of us. I leave it to ya guys to figure out and just lemme know the possible reason for it.

Anyways, at least for some part of my life, I considered her my best friend. I really dont know how she felt about it, cuz whenever i managed to ask her about it, she used to get away by telling she aint emotional and stuff....

Seeing the length of my post, I am scared already of the admin people kickin my butt, so I better finish it off.

Looking forward to knowing all f ya wonderful people.


  1. WC aboard Anshuman :) Pleased to meet ya. Hope to get to know u better.

    Pinka is a cute nic. Im glad u have great friends like that in ur life.


  2. Interesting Read there Wacko.

    May ya dreams on going abroad come true.

    Welcome Abroad!!:)


  3. welcome welcome mr wacko... nice to see u here... im sure it took u hours to write this post... i remember reading one of ur post on ur blog n it was full of abusive language :p... so tell me how long did u take to write this one?? be honest... winks

    n abt ur friend... my guess would be either one of u had a major crush on the other... and when u guys met the crush crushed! sigh!

    according to one of the sites anushuman means the centre of the planetary system... so there u r!

  4. So you are here Anshuman. :) Welcome welcome. (you see this is my first welcome comment. :p, ergo the zeal)

    A typical engineer you seem like, and man! dont we techies all have a fascination for blondes (dumb as they might be).

    How come you lost touch with P? emails are always an option right?

  5. welcome wacko!

    hope your hardwork pays you off by giving you a gud score :)
    All the best!

    Nice to know P :)
    hope all the differences btn you too vanish!

  6. Doon valley, thats interesting...i have a frnd studying in doon school...

    I carry unwanted attitude with me

    so i can see...

    and as for hip hop i'm quite a big fan too...i dunno if uve seen the video of 'grillz' by nelly but my grandmother thought i was cuckoo lissening to these songs wen she saw those guys flashing diamonds on their teeth...and even tho i know it mustve been severely painful to some extent and of course, really bad tasting to have diamonds in ur teeth, i <3 nelly.

    so...welcome to BUF!

  7. @keshi
    thanks..i heard u quite popular in the blogville..quite kool to get a comment from u..m still a newbie! :)

    @jewel rays
    thnks a ton for the wishes!

    heyy..i dint know until yesterday that you were 30+ and married when i went through your intro post..i bet this pic you have here is much older
    hehe, not hours but half an hour i guess yeah...had to be really careful with all those words here and i thought i better write full words instead of short forms cuz there are people having trouble reading slangs u knw..
    btw, thnks for the meaning of my name...u soooo sweet!!

    blondes yeahhhh netime dude! Emails wudnt do much cause either ya..Now she says, since she's already met me, am just like any other guy for her so she wont email me and stuf..*sigh*

    @white forest

    thnks, but no thnks for the commment there on your blog..anyways, yeah m a fan of nelly too..hv ya seen the timbaland waala video with her..oooOO aint she hott??btw, I really dun intent to taste diamonds either!!


  8. welcome to BUF!! hehe.... as much a freshie as u r here.... lolzzz......
    anywyz, typical techie now.... can c dat!! hope ur hardwork for GRE pays off......

    as for P, nice to knw abt her.... but get back in touch wid her.. good frnds r hard to find... u can't afford to lose dem just lyk dat!!

  9. hey wacko! welcome :o)
    great to see you here (finally) :P

    wow! thats some interesting read n character detailing ... sounds quite whacked out!
    hope to get to knw ya better..

    c ya arnd!

    pssstt **who did u hav to bribe to get in then? :oP

  10. AAAooooooooo Sambha!!

    Well-come here buddy!!
    another engineer sahab!!

    gr8 place dehradoon.. i have some distant cousins and was there for work in feb..

    enjoy pal..
    Messy seems to be right about your freind??

  11. dont dont dont call me sweet!!! ufffffff i can throw around a load shit of attitude if given a chance :p.. so be careful...

    oh n about that pic... yeah taken long long bak... say around first week of jan 2007... thats like 6 months back!!! n if we count the days approximately 25 days of jan 28 days of feb 31 days of march 30 days of april 31 days of may and 13 days of june!!! damn thats really too much!!!!!!! u r most welcome to calculate the hours and mins and secs too :p

    ** abhi
    oh yeah he doesnt want to say i was right there... hehe

  12. She's a cancerian and so obviously she has this fukat ka attitude with her...

    now thats iam a cancer and am wondering abt meaself :)

  13. Hi wacko aka anshuman,
    finally get to read ur intro post.. which is quite elaborate.. appreciate it.. hope u find many more friends here n have a gr8 timme.. tc..

  14. @sam
    thnks for the advice bro..ill look to it!

    heyy..i just constantly bugged ishi in the shoutbox..and perhaps she noticed me being active offlate..that mite hv got me in :)

    yeahh..fellow engg! really looking forward to meet ya sometime in dehradun(before 2008..cuz dats wen ill be done with my engg). messy is right to some extent i guess..i guess she just liked me..i perhaps had a big crush on bad!!

    grr...fine! compliment toh u sud hv taken nicely ya..newas neday i wud lauuuuv to see ya attitude cuz as i already mentioned, i like dealing with people full of it! and yeah dat was quite a calcutaion bebe...;)

    chill duhh! i bet "the outlaw" would vouch for it too..hehe btw exceptions are always there ya!

    was that "elaborate" thngy sarcastic by any chance?? newas thnks for a warm welcome


  15. WC aboard Anshuman alias Wacko ;-)
    Nice to know you and ur friend..Hope you meet her soon...Anyways happy blogging...

    "As the name suggests, I am a bit weird and difficult to understand on the first hand. But, once i get hold of you(or vice-versa), I bet there aint any damn thing in this world that could get us part(till we lame :P).".... Hope to get hold of u soon ;-)

  16. Can't believe we had to get back in touch like this!

  17. hello hello hello hello

    Mr Wacko urf Anshuman

    Welcome ;)

    I dont beleive that ur shopoholic !!!!

  18. Guys and shopping .... so much attitude, nakhare...urfff !!!!

  19. @jaan ki sweetheart forever
    thnx for all those wishes!

    fanx bro!

    @loon gal
    tis a small world after all :)

    dun believe me...u gotta spend a day with me and ill make sure we both go broke big tymeee :P

  20. apart from the fiasco tdy mornin, guess u've settled down well here @ BUF...happy bloggin.

    ps: i think messy's got it right abt ur fren n u.

  21. Yo Wacko!! Respect from one CS player to another!

    Sounds like Pinka's really cool...can't imagine best friends not talking...but seems like there are deeper feelings than just friendship there...I'll stop speculating now...

    Welcome Aboard!!