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Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's Been A Week Of Tears...(Keshi)

Instead of hatred, darkness and unrest, let there be love, light and peace always. Be the radiance that you want to see in all starts with self.

~~In memory of all the innocents who perished in the last week's senseless Mumbai attacks. May your souls find comfort, rest and peace wherever you are now~~


  1. Yes, Keshi. Its indeed very sad. I dont even have words to say/talk about it. But this must never be forgotten. They were innocent people and it was just very unfortunate, and we all should be ashamed we still live in such an imperfect world that some people can do this. Such extreme acts of hatred. I wonder why. We still have so much work to do, to make this a better and safe place. Peace be with them.


    Here's something about the Mumbai Attacks too.

  3. Only prayers are the remedy for their wounded souls

  4. The act in mumbai was truly heretic and moronic. Innocent people lost their lives and martyrs fought for securing our country. I truly salute to all those who gave their lives. But on a serious note what is the government doing when it had full information on these attacks. Where did the god damn intelligence agencies like RAW go at that time.

    Pardon my language but to change the system you have to fuck the system.

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  6. Their memory will be well served if we never let this happen again.