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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I recommend..AmitL

I recommend(For those wanting to come to Dubai for work purposes and to save money as well for your budhaapa(old age)):

   Only accept a job which offers a minimum salary of AED 10000/- (Current conversion: Rs 12.5 or so, fluctuating daily) Anything less than that in these days of high rents and inflation is hara-kiri, unless you want to come at AED 5-6000 and not save anything. Of course, if accommodation is offered by Company, the lesser salary would be all right, but, it usually isn’t, even to the goras/goris. Do not be misled by agents telling you- oh, you’ll get Rs. 50,000/- or some such figure.

Bring a back-up amount of minimum AED 6000/-, if you’re not sure of getting an advance from your company/establishment. This will go in paying room rent(Today, even sharing accommodation by way of bedspace, costs @ AED 1500/- and they ask for 2-3 months in advance), as well as buying the basic necessities of life, including a TV set(@ AED 400) and a CD/DVD player(@ AED 100, cheapest) 

In fact, you might need more than that amount. Rents are expected to fall, but,at present, landlords want 2 rents in advance, and, if through an agent, then, his cut is another 2-4%, depending on demand in the area. 

 If you’re bringing your family in and your company is not sponsoring them(Even if it is, I still recommend this), then, don’ least not for the first six months. Settle in, save a bit, and then call them. You won’t know how fast the greenbucks go, when running after mandatory medical examination, residence visa, school admissions(If applicable) and all the related paraphernalia which goes with admission, from uniforms to books to what not.

 Besides this, be ready to shell out @ AED 200(Water and electricity), 89( TV channels), 165(Mobile phone connection)+ talk time which will surely soar in the first few months or even later) 

Once you move into your accommodation, you’ll need to get: The drinking water bottles( They cost 8 dirham for a 20 litre bottle and you need at least 6 per month), the manual/motorized pump to attach to bottles (25/-) or a normal+hot water dispenser(40/- min),   tea kettle (If you’re in a non-cooking sharing accommodation) for boiling water(@ 65/-), mugs, tea bags. Milk of course will be a regular item, too. (1 litre costs AED 5.5/- to 6).

 Food: If you don’t cook or are not allowed to, count @ AED 15 per day for food(If you scrounge, really, and pay just 8 or so, it’s your choice, but, why take chances with your health? 

Don’t fall prey to all that glitters, and, this includes, immediately buying a hi-fi cellphone costing upwards of a 1000 dirhams, to watches to branded clothes, to the best in Reeboks to a Canon digital camera. 

You might also need to buy furniture, from beds-mattresses-pillows to a computer table(Also a computer, of course), a small cupboard or two, et al.

In fact, I don’t recommend buying anything which is not a bare necessity or, alternatively, which you don’t intend to take home. Otherwise, whenever you are returning, you will sell them all at a much lower price.

Also, in these times of recession and pink slips, I really recommend that you first get your confirmation that your visa is under process, and then only quit your job(If it’s existing) in your home country. I’ve heard cases of people who quit their safe job, and, when they were about to come here, they were told to ‘forget it’, as there was a freeze on recruitment.

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