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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

An update on my life(AmitL)

Hi,all!! Been a mite bugged,literally...first it was the usual cough and cold. Followed by a severe backache(Lumbar sprain is what the doc called it) which didn't allow me to sit for more than 10 minutes at a stretch. But then, sprain is always better than something spinal,right? As always, whatever happens is for the, I got a bit of compulsory rest last Fri-Sat, and, now,things are nearly back to normal. Now, of course, the first day of the sprain makes me LOL- imagine bending down to pick up the paper and then having to get up holding the door frame? So glad it was 5 AM, otherwise any neighbour spotting me would have been embarassing.LOL
Amongst other updates: The day goes nowadays, hearing about slowed/ stalled projects, people being evicted from banks and real estate companies.(Now, this eviction is pretty harsh- unlike the evictions which took place from the Bigg Boss house in the second season on Colours channel). I heard about a friend's friend- he quit his job in Mumbai, and was packed and ready to move to Dubai when the Bank he was joining called him and said they were not sending his visa, since there was a freeze on recruitments. Another story was about a girl(came in the papers)who quit her job at a telecom company here, and went to a new company- when she reached there on the first day, the HR people told her that her post had been cancelled.Pretty depressing, hearing/reading about such events. Here's praying that these people get a good job,or,their old jobs back. Harsh realities of today! How about you? Did you experience anything of the sort amongst friends/relatives?Everyone's suggestion these days- stick to your current job.Don't think of moving out till the situation improves. (Just like they say'stick to your current flat/room/studio', out here..coz a new place,a new rent would be killing)
Reminds me of a recession joke. There's this guy who feels nervous these days when a bank returns his cheque citing 'lack of funds' as the reason- he doesn't know whether it refers to his account or to the bank's funds!
Besides that,not much to update-except that I'm leaving for India tomorrow,for two weeks!!

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