This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Better late than never (Ishita)

About time I put up a post here!!! I meant to do so earlier but got caught up with stuff at home (been updating my blog with whatever's on with me)....

BUF is one blog that I have followed through out my self imposed break. There were days when I would get to BUF even without going through my own blog :) ... I must thank those of you who still get here for sustaining it. Though I do miss the ones who well aren't around. But then I tell myself just as I had reasons to stay away, I am sure they have theirs.

I won't put an update on my life. Most of you know it all :)

I will however make a topic suggestion. It's quite a simple one really. How about a topic called "I recommend..." so basically u can write about whatever u want to recommend to people...a book, a dish, a movie, a blog, clothes, places to visit, suggestions to improve BUF!, blogging tips....u have an idea to recommend...just go ahead write about it!

I'll get back once I work on mine :) ...

Of course apart from Kesh and Amit no one's been posting regularly here...but BUF's a blog and even one person is enough to make it work :) ... I'll do my bit and send out a mail to everyone (just presuming that some don't get here at all and hence don't know what's going on...or if anythings on at all!)

That's it for now :) ... I'll be back!


  1. heyyyyyyy BUF's SUNSHINE is here! WOW a very warm Welcome to ya Ishi MWAH!

    Missed n missed ya tonnz! Congrats on the baby and I wanted to do a post on it here but wasnt sure if u'd want it waited for u to come :)

    Ur topic was SUPERB! visit from Ish and BUF is already dazzling!

    Yes Amit and myself hv been running the show for a while..cheesy, vipul, uttsy, michi, jitterz, vish, darsh, sam and few others hv also been here with us. Its still very much alive...I learnt a very valuable lesson thru BUF tho...and that is not to expect anyone to keep it going...just do it yourself. :)

    ppl r busy and they need breaks for certain things happening in their life...and me being the most active blogger in the world, yes I can keep BUF alive. LOL!

    *HUGZ* lovely to hv ya bak Ish!


  2. Hi,Ishita-welcome back,welcome back!!Great to see your post-short and they say,this is just the beginning!Aage aage dekho hota hai kya!So, awaiting lots of more posts from you,as also from others BUFers.I'll surely be around!
    Lovely topic'I recommend'-I'll surely think over it tomorrow,it being our weekend.
    Re. posting regularly-it's been a pleasure-and,Keshi and me were always around to keep each other company(Thanks, Keshi-it was all 'BUF',right?..*winks*)-heh heh...commenting on each other's posts,keeping the shoutbox busy,etc..and,there'd always be some ole pal or the other popping in-like Mich,Vishesh,Loon Gal, it never really got too lonely!
    Anyway-all said and done-great to see you're back!:)

  3. hi Ishi!!
    no welcome back from me coz, i have been off the scene as much as you have been... but somehow though it might just be touch n go... BUF amongst a few other were my regular reads.. and still is.
    and dats a wonderful topic ishi!!
    i think i knw wot to write!!

  4. hey kesh :)...ur comment was so touching...only u can exude so much wamth thru words!!

    "I learnt a very valuable lesson thru BUF tho...and that is not to expect anyone to keep it..."

    that's what I learnt here too but at the same time I still had faith that there would be some who would keep it going :)... I'm glad I was right..

    yep u're definitely the most active blogger that I know!!! *smiles*

    I'm waiting to read ur post on the new topic!!


  5. @ Amit ~ thanks fr the welcome back note :) ... and I hope I can be actively involved in BUF too!...u and kesh are special! :)

    lukin forward to ur post on this topic!

  6. @ Sam ~ I knoww life's been very hectic for u :) and I hope u've settled down well now. I'm sure when u find a topic interesting enough u will get around here to write and even otherwise drop by to share ur thoughts on everyone's posts :) ...

  7. oh yes!! u can bet on dat.. i mayn't be on blogger everyday.. but am sure to drop by everynow n den!! :)
    n yeah.. its settling down now... the coursework is hectic but am loving it!! finally am enjoying :)