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Friday, October 17, 2008


Firstly, welcome back to Ishi-reading your post,and, noting that you were always 'in touch'with BUF, during the past few months,brought a smile to my face, as also Keshi's warm welcome comment to the post.
Topics- that's certainly a nice'topic' suggested by Keshi. The first thing which comes to mind is people- people who can talk on any topics, who can link any word you say, with a whole stream of talk on that word,nee,topic. Sometimes, I admire such people and their gift of gab. At other times,particularly when I'm trying to concentrate on something else, I feel like asking such people' what will make you shut up?'(But, naturally, I don't-instead, I follow the age-ole dictum of 'ignorance is bliss'- just stare blankly at the person or the wall behind him while he/she is gabbing, and they'll get the message pretty fast.

Let me give an example of such 'topical experts: (I'll try one of the above topics with them, one of these days-always good to get a bit of GK)
- Friend: This guy,whether he's solo or when we are in a group. If I make polite talk by saying' Isn't the weather improving?'- there, that's the signal for him to go off into a discourse on how the weather changes from exceptionally hot in the five summer months, to cool in October-Nov to cold for the next three. (Of course, he forgets that I've been here for six years). He even talks about the cloud seeding which they do here to bring rain, which also is something I know. So, to change the topic, I talk about traffic fines- and, off he goes, talking of how the fines and charges for visas and so on are continually making life difficult for people. So, again, I change the topic to movies. And, off he goes- how can one spend 300 bucks(it's 25 dirhams, here, for a ticket) on a movie you might not even enjoy? blah blah I prefer to watch TV instead blah blah....

- People in India: It's the same with some people in India, too....they can flit from topic to topic with ease- right from the prices of kaanda-batata(onions n potatoes) to inflation in general to train fares to stinking toilets at railway stations to school fees to how government servants continue to take bribes to rising electricity bills to petrol costs infinitum- the sky's the limit for these people. And, particularly, if you're coming from abroad, they're even more keen to show off their general knowledge of the world to you. And, I just hate to prick their bubble of happiness, when they ask a question like ' Are you in proper Dubai?', as if they're veterans of this Emirate. (Incidentally, the answer is 'there's nothing like proper or improper Dubai, the Emirate is just like one of our Metro cities, and everywhere you go, is a part of Dubai only)...but,me being me, I just politely nod my head and tell them where I stay,work,etc,and they nod understandingly like I'm talking of Chinchpokhli or Borivali.

But then, all said and done, let me admit-I feel envious of such people- why?No reason-maybe because I've always been more of an avid listener than a talker? Maybe because I prefer to talk only when I feel it makes sense to exercise the vocal chords and make people listen?Maybe because I'm more of a writer than a talker? Ahahaha! Anyway, give me time-maybe I'll master the gift of the gab one of these days!
Cheerio and let me say'I'm already working on Ishi's brilliant topic suggestion'I recommend'. Keshi, I wonder, will you post before I do?*challenging,rolling eyes*.


  1. ooo BUF is all jazzed up! with new comment boxes n ratings and all...wait...or has just blogger changed? :S

  2. LOL Amit @shutup! I wish I cud say that some ppl who suffer from verbal puking.

    haha @*rolling eyes*. When did u become a KESHI? :)


  3. As always an interesting read. U know I talk a lot too? :P ... but only on things that truly interest me and not just any topic ;)... one of my fav quotes is "it's better to be silent and thought a fool than to open ur mouth and prove u're one..." (well something to that effect!). So I talk a lot when I'm confident of my facts :) or when I feel strongly about something....!

    As far as dealing with ppl who shoot their mouths off on anything and everything...I admit I have been rude enough to tell them to stop (aah another point i cld have put in my answer to the tag ques - what u can't guess abt me!)...

    I'm waiting to read ur post on the next topic!

  4. @ mich :) ~ try "blogger in drafts" here - - and u can add all these features to ur blog or read the blog "" :)

  5. Hi,Mich-yes,BUF is all spruced up..and,I'm sure thanks go to Ishi.Blogger wouldn't do such interesting changes.
    Hi,Keshi..haha..yes,'shut up'is what I do feel like asking,sometimes.
    Re. rolling eyes-see,ur writing style is so infectious,I keep getting tips from it.:)
    Hi,Ishi.Haha-it would be good to hear you talk,I'm sure...coz the topics would all be relevant ones.:)I'm totally insync with the 'better to be silent' quote.
    LOL at adding the 'rude'point in the tag.
    And,post on next topic coming up.:)