This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Miss Me When I'm Gone

Hey everybody! It makes me sad and annoyed about how I haven't been able to regularly follow up with this place.I guess when you set your mind on something, you pretty much devote all your time to it till you achieve it.
The past few months haven't exactly been a joy ride.Sometimes, getting chronically obsessed with something takes quite a toll on you.

I know, what I'm doing has its pros and cons but I'm growing along with all the change and kind of learning in the process so I guess thats ok.

I'm going to be applying for SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies), London either in 2010 or 2011 for my Masters and Phd in Applied Japanese Linguistics and I have another year of intense studying to do till my credentials prove worthy of that college.I have to sync my getting in with a lot of things going on in my life and worrying about it pretty much brings me down horribly.I have been working really hard and this is pretty much something that I want REALLY REALLY BAD.In order to get in, I practically have to devote all of my time to studying and I haven't had much time for friends.In fact, I almost forgot I turn 19 in a week!

So, thats what I've been upto.I know I won't have 'friend' problems there.With Loony and Sam there ;-). I need all the support from everyone here at BUF! :-)


  1. Hi,Mich-great to see a post from you,and a nice update...yes,I totally agree-once you set your mind on something you(should) devote all your time till you achieve it.Here's wishing you all the best for getting admission to the SOAS,and,prior to that,scoring highly to get your credentials to prove your worthiness..:)But,yes,we still insist that you be around BUF!!:)Cheerio!

  2. For those of you who remember ashes from India Times chat, he is back with his blog -

    he is trying to be happy and certainly scored a lot of comments.

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  4. Michi ALL THE BEST girl! Dun worry..concentrate on ur studies...thats imp to build ur future. Blogging can come after all of that.

    I thank God there were no blogs when I was in Uni for 5 hard-working years! :)

    Don't stress out tho...take time to rest n hv some fun too.

    Wutever u do, wherever u go, know that u'll always be in our hearts and we'll always be wishing u well. This is ur home as well as all of our' u can drop in and update us on u whenever u hv time. And tnxx for letting us know abt ur current status!

    *HUGZ* TC and keep smiling! London here comes Michi! ;-)


  5. hey mich :) .... that's a lot of studying to do! But I like ur determination and m sure it will all work out good for u :) ... best of luckk and keep us posted on how it goes!

    m sure sam and loony wl be lukin forward to seeing u there too!

  6. omg Michelle! That is so cool! and SOAS is GOOD!! Do you know this guy called Nitin Sinha? wanderer on IT? He did his PhD from SOAS!
    Anyway .. I really wish you BEST OF LUCK! And shall I say .. can't wait to see you? :P