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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Updating Sam..... (Sam)

Phew!! ok.. it's been a while. No wait... It's been a long time, since I wrote a word on blogsville. Life has been moving at a hectic pace and frankly am starting to feel a little breathless. I'll trace back six months since that's how long I have been off the map (almost). Firstly, MBA apps had started bombing. I had targetted UK and that was a fatal mistake with about 3 years of work ex (Loony, you might want to remember that!!), coz the excuse was it was too less. Anywyz, meanwhile dad shifted to Chennai, to take over a some real-estate firm. Am really happy for him as he has reached where he should have been about 10 years ago, had not played being the ideal family man. Better late than never is what I say!! :)

Finally in May, while being interviewed for MBA by a UK uni, I was offered a seat in the MSc programme. I decided to wait on it while they took their decision on the MBA. While I got rejected for the same I got the formal invitation to join the MSc programme. However, their was a catch. I had to get an academic recommendation and had just 14 days left for it to reach them. What followed a hurried travel form Pune to Sikkim, via Kolkata and Siliguri and then a dispatch to the uni. A few weeks later the conditional offer came in. I accepted!! :)

Now, if you thought the action was over then the answer is NO!! It was far from it...

The uni required my transcripts which the college couldn't dispatch thanks to the Gorkhaland troubles. On tenterhooks, I remember placing frantic calls to the Sikkim Manipal University. Finally the documents were submitted to the uni a week before deadline. All proceedings done. It was time for visa application. That meant a two week travel to Kolkata. It was while in Kolkata, that at a British Council organised pre-departure meet I came across a long lost friend. She was off to Leicester. Good!! :)

Since then visa app has been approved, last few days at work being celebrated, Gini came around to Pune for a visit and basically am busy packing bags. Oh and the internet policy at work has bit an all time low, with blogger being blocked out. Am using the client network to post this!!

Future update: 8th I leave Pune for Chennai, 15th I reach Kolkata, 1st October I reach London.
I don't know what my status on connectivity would be there so I make no promises!!
Oh, and I'm going to study at Tanaka Business School, Imperial College London

Till then everyone, take care and stay beautiful!!


  1. WOW Sam I wish u all the best in the UK!

    mebbe u can catch up with Loon_gal when ur there? :)

    TC, be well, stay happy and good luck with ur studies! Ur on for some good fun and great times, I know!



  2. Hi,Sam-nice update...and,here's wishing you all the best in U.K.

  3. Looking forward to meeting you in London :)
    You have my contact number ... if not then

    Btw I wasn't aware that you had to go through all this mess to come to this (shitty) place. But anyway .. Imperial College is GREAT! Am sure you're prepared for all the grinding and grilling now! Mwahahaha!

  4. @keshi: thnx girl!! I wud luv 2 catch up wid her... after all I do need a guide in town :P
    dunno abt great.. but rocking yeah!! :D

    @amit: thnx a lot amit!!

    @malini: hey hi!! thnx a lot for ur wishes

    @loon: nah!! i don't have ur number... but i knw then wer to get hold of u :)
    oh well.. it wudn't have been so, had my earlier college been a bit fast to move it's feet... anywyz, its all over and done with.. and STOP SCARING ME!!! jeez... u never stop do you???

    c ya in london!! :)

  5. whoa! u HAVE been super busy! lol! all the best t u sam! and tanaka is a japanese name!! hee :D

  6. thanks :)
    i hope, for my sake, you're right :)

  7. wow! business school in london! now thats my dream too for my MBA some yrs down the line :)

  8. @michelle:
    right on!! gary tanaka a beneficiary of the teh college, is also an ex-student.. its becoz of his doantion, that a new building cud be constructed for the business school, and it has been named after him to mark eth gratitude the college has towards him... oh and teh donation was in something like $80-90 million or so i heard!!

    @malini: i hope too... but then.. alwyz remember, whatever happens, happens for the best.. but that doesn't mean you bow down to circs, coz then.. nothing will happen the way you want it to!! chin up... and face the music life has to play for you!!! you'll feel the beat.. so may get tired at times... you might wanna quit... but at the end you'll smile and say... "had an awesome time, mate!!"

    @red soul: I'm sure you will.. just put ur head down... plan properly... work smart.. get the necessary kinda work-ex.. and you'll make ur mark.. trust me!! :)