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Thursday, August 7, 2008

August Topics(AmitL)

Hi,all...seems everyone's still busy. So,to spice things up a bit, how about this topic from Keshi:
1)An update on my life (Thanks,Keshi,for this lively will surely tell us what everyone's been up to and is/are up to!!
As part 2 of the above topic, how about continuing it with:

2)...And,what I'd like to be doing right now.(Since no-one covered that topic last month,including me)

3) And,how about this as funny 'Word'of the month: Shower: Let your thoughts run wild,tell us what you interpret by the word,what you sing in there,whether you stare at and admire yourself in the mirror,et al. LOL..of course, I was referring,innocently as always,to the current season in India- of monsoon showers.

So,who's first? Keshi,I feel!! *claps*


  1. haha good one Amit!

    Will get a post done as soon as I can ok? :)

    tnxx for this!


  2. Can I answer these questions?

    1) Its up on Psychobabble

    2) Nothing different than what I am doing right now.

    3) I hate showers!!!

  3. Great to see Sol here and cool answers girl :)



  4. Oh such an exciting topic .. Showers .. yummeh ;-)

  5. You dropped me a note. At this point the only way I can respond back is through a comment :-)
    feel free to blogroll me. I am quite impressed by this voluminous blog, its all over the place, jogs through too many items. I will need to slide in more slowly at leisure :-)