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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Faltering and Giggling (Michelle)

Hello everyone! The topics are perfect given the weather and a lot of people being A.W.O.L (including me). But I DO have excuse(s). I still am stuck in this time warp which only allows me to work and absolutely NOT have time for anything else other than my books.So, all that gives me all the more reason to update all you nice people that actually want to know whats up with me! :P

A BIG HEARTY HUG AND LOTS OF BEST WISHES TO ISHITA, RAJIV AND VEDANT for little ANURAJ! The pictures I saw were adorable and I can tell he is going to make a lot of girls swoon.So, Vedant has competition now.

This is one of the few days that I have gotten to view my computer screen so please cut me some slack :-( . I can tell that I really have no time cause I haven't changed my facebook display picture in over a month!! :-O

Yes, I still am teaching Japanese and I have been buried in my books cause my exams are coming soon and I must beat my previous score in order to not gouge and scratch everyone in sight.Things have also been depressing lately because I HATE THE RAINS and my favourite teacher is on leave for 3 months and I simply cannot imgaine studying poetry without her.

''Absence decreases mediocre passions and increases great ones; just like the wind extinguishes candles and the fans fire''

Me and my guy completed 2 years in July which was quite fact, I still don't believe it.Another thing that has gotten me ecstatic is how amazingly me and his mom clicked.Its like shopping sprees and hugs X 2. :D

Right now, I wish life would slow down a little and I wish I could be lying down on a hammock and sipping a smoothie :-( but I am going to make use of this long weekend coming up.I'm bringing in Independance Day in Mumbai!! Even though the weather is TERRIBLE, I shall still have fun and just relax.

Have a great weekend guys! Jai Hind! :-)


  1. An update from Michelle inspires Loony too ... Loony shall be back soon!
    And you busy girl .. shopping already with ur mom-in-law! Lucky biatch I say!
    Crack your exams and have fun teaching Japanese!

    Muuuahh! xx

    P.S. A very Happy Independence Day!

  2. thanku thanku... wish u the same! :) xo

  3. wuttttttt u n ur future MIL get along? great news! Cos almost ALL of my married GFs hate their MILs. Ur an angel, thats why. :)

    And happy 2nd anniv to ur and ur Beau!

    *HUGZ* Michi n ty for the Update from ur side of the world!


  4. Hi,Mich..great to read the update...and,tks to Keshi for this 'update' topic-perhaps we should have it as one of the monthly topics regularly.:)Keeps everyone in touch.:)
    LOL-not changing ur facebook display pic for a month,is a sign of being busy?haha-well,I haven't changed it since I signed up.:)
    But,then,perhaps that's coz I prefer spending my major net time,reading my fav. blogs and also,reading the humour in some of the yahoo groups I'm a member of.
    And,oh wow-ur future MIL and u are clicking nicely?Good going.Keep up the good work,all round.:)And,do be back here at BUF,too..(Suggestion-make BUF ur default opening website,each time u log on):)TC.

  5. No considering Michelle changed it every 2 days or even more frequently than that .... so a month actually shows HOW BUSY she's been!!!

  6. keshi,

    well its amazing with her! she bakes me cookies :P


    haha dad wud scream at me if i did tht...oooo and ill add u on facebook...what're u registered as?


    hehaha i changed it!!