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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Feliz Navidad!!!

Feliz Navidad.... :)

Now in case you are wondering what this is all about... well... it's all about Christmas folks... Hmmm... now start writing down your wishlist if you haven't done so and make sure you've more of good than bad of late...

So how are you all celebrating Christmas??

Well, I'd be cooped up in my home or might be visiting a few friends and their families, let's see. Apart from that.. umm... yeah, I gotta perform some Christmas Carols tommorrow at work. I know it's kinda early, but then what with it being long weekend, people won't be around on 24th before Christmas, so the idea to get celebrations underway right away from tomorrow!! :)

Oh btw, I gotta sing, "Feliz Navidad", "Jingle Bells Rock", "Angels" now great songs all of them but somehow I'm finding it hard to get on my guitar.. anywyz, will hafta slog it out tonight... just for father Christmas!! :)

Oh forgot!! Feliz navidad means "Merry Christmas".

So... Merry Christmas folks... and yeah be prepared for Santa this time... he might just sneak up and bless you with loads of happiness before you know!!


Update: Slogged, performed and now happy!! :)

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  1. hey Sam hv a great holiday season! Im so busy both at work and at home, I think I'm gonna pass out b4Christmas! :)

    Love all the songs u mentioned. I hv abt 5 parties (family n friends) in the next 10days or so. So yeah gonna hv fun - not forgetting the charities ofcourse.

    TC n see u soon!