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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New Year & Resolutions! (Ishita)

Looks like everyone’s already settled into the xmas and new year holiday mode judging by the lack of posts here!!

Well, before I do the same…thought I’d better get here and do a post on one of the several topics set out in the last update.

I choose “New Year” & "Resolutions"

I believe in this superstition that how I spend my b’day and new year (1st Jan) more or less defines how the rest of the year is going to be :P … for instance if I spend it meeting new friends and travelling, I’ll be doing a lot of it the following year. That may not necessarily be the case but I believe in it all the same and maybe that’s why I always try to keep myself in a positive frame of mind!!! If nothing else at least I won’t be caught moping the whole year through! :)

This New Years I am looking forward to time spent at home with the family. I haven’t been keeping too well off late and the medication I’m on makes me terribly drowsy and when I’m home alone it’s tempting enough to sleep away the hours!! But with everyone home I’m kept busy and on my toes which is what I look forward to this holiday season!

I’m terrible with New Year resolutions like most of us are! But one New Year I promised myself I’d improve my cooking skills and I guess that I did that to a certain extent! Making one out of three resolutions work is fair enough I guess!!

I don’t intend making any new ones this year but I hope to live up to my favourite expression – “take each day as it comes” – being less presumptuous and having no unreal expectations from life and esp. people. I sense a need to change myself in this respect and be more realistic about change which as I have learnt over time is inevitable!

Speaking of presumptions, I do have this feeling in me that the year ahead is going to be eventful in many ways. Enough to keep me busy busy busy...*sigh* time will tell I guess!....ooops, there u go!!! At this rate I'll never stick to my wish!!! :D

On this rather thoughtful note, I wish everyone at BUF and beyond the best holiday season and a wonderful year ahead with family, friends and loved ones! Stay special!


  1. New years resolutions.. ah well.. i have been pathetic at it till date.. though have to make a few this time and stick to it...
    Season's greetings folks!! :)

  2. Hi,'s wishing you a Very Happy New Year and lots of luck with the resolutions.The best and the toughest part of the set of resolutions,is,of course,keeping yourself in a positive frame of mind.It's on my list too,only,I'm putting it as 'reducing the negativity around by being more positive'.:)

    Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday in advance!!

  3. I usually hv no NY resolutions at all :) I just take it as it comes.

    Hv a great holiday season Ish MWAH!