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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Word: Spirit:AmitL

Hi,all,I know the word 'spirit' is intended purely for this season of being merry and in high spirits,so,I won't touch upon the topic of spirits as in ghosties and beasties that moan in the night or, spirits as in 'inebriated'.

When I seriously got down to it, I found so many interesting uses of the word in daily life.(Would love to hear more from others-Loon Gal, no excuses from you- I did not think up this word,definitely)

-A bit of wiki-knowledge:
Did you know that the English word 'spirit' comes from the Latin word' spiritus',which means 'breath'?

- Letters written by classmates for school exams:Would always include 'I hope this finds you in the pink of health and spirits'. And, I remember our English teacher pointing out that spirits should not be 'mixed and matched' with health.LOL.

- The Christmas Spirit-always visible in Baroda,in our Fatehgunj area(Christian dominated)-from shopkeepers to students, everyone's in the same 'spirited' mood. I do see the Christmas spirit here,too,in Dubai-but,in specific zones,naturally-shopper zones,rather!

- Sporting spirit-something missing from most runners of the rat race,it seems.(Sometimes,it includes me,when in a sullen mood.LOL).

-'Spirit'ual growth-something I'm always keen on pursuing.The word 'spiritual' itself conjures up a peaceful ,serene atmosphere,does it not?

'Spirited' as in the 'spirit'ed talker above.

So, which other 'spirit'(s) can you think of?

Lastly,in keeping with the jolly spirit of Christmas,how about a limerick,since laughter is good for the,err,spirit?

Santa's reindeer made quite a big goof,
When they landed all wrong with each hoof,
Every trustworthy steed,
Hit the shingles full speed,
Was he mad? Santa went through the roof!

Cheers and here's wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a dazzling,'spirited' 2008.


  1. **Sporting spirit-something missing from most runners of the rat race,it seems.(

    some weird ppl dun see the beauty of Christmas..atleast the spirit of Christmas reminds us abt sharing and loving one another.

    TC Amit n hv a good holiday season!

  2. Hi,Jyoti-thank you!and,same to you!

  3. Hi,Keshi-that's true-but,we can either ignore those people or,do our best to bring them round to a happy mood,somehow!I was also referring to the absence of sporting spirit in people who sulk when they lose at a simple game of scrabble or monopoly,et al.

  4. Hi,Ketki..thank you and same to you!

  5. and dats how my dog went woof woof!!
    merry christmas Amit and seasons greetings for your family!! :)
    so wots ur plan?

  6. lol the talk talk talk .. pic applies to u :P

  7. Hi,Sam...Happy NY to u2.:)Err,how'd your dog go woof woof??

  8. Loon Gal,believe me,when I put up that pic,I just knew that this is what your comment would be.

    Wait till u meet me in real life-I'm the exact opposite..that's why the Dubai bloggers call me 'The Observer'.