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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Let there be Light

"Let there be light" I believe is a phrase from the Bible. But should one delve into the history of every cult and religion mankind has ever known, Light remains an integral part of their practises, their existence. On a scientific note one cannot see Light, one can fell it though. But then, when we do talk of light is it only with a practical sense or has their always been soem significance attached to it? I believe it is.
And a wonderful example of this belief is the Festival of Lights celebrated in India - "Diwali". I know, those who have been part and parcel of this festival since childhood are already wetting their lips in anticipation of the sweets, the crackers, the lights.... the way each and every house gets decked up in lights... candles or diyas (earthen plates filled with oil and a small piece of cotton and then lit!!). There is so much to say when one is talking of Diwali.. I think I'll cover all that someplace else. Still two days to go....
God bless everyone and "Happy Diwali"....


  1. Lovely 'enlightening' post Sam!

    Let there be light our hearts n minds!



  2. Gawd!! dat ws fast.. almost fell outta my chair... wot u were lurking in the background or wot??? :D
    wish you the best this season girl... and defintiely dat which love a lot ... quality one!!(the one on ur blog!!) ;)

  3. Hi, Keshi says'let there be light indeed'.:)Happy Diwali.:)