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Monday, November 12, 2007

Word: Light: AmitL

(Quip for above pic: Life explained, using 'Light'(hearted) joke)

Hi, was your Diwali?Here's wishing you a scintillating,delightful,thrilling......New Year, and many more to come. I was putting together the 'light' post since four days,and wasn't able to compile it,for one reason or the other.(Read: Reason=excuse)...but,then,better late than never,so here goes:

Let there be light’!

Isn’t that a wonderful phrase? And, isn’t light a wonderful word? I’ve seen/ I see light in daily life as :

- Light at the end of a tunnel: Results coming up at the end of hard work.
- Light-hearted conversation, or, attempts to make a conversation light-hearted, as I usually try to do..LOL.
- Movement at ‘light’ning speed- like, he moves faster than lightning, when his GF screams/shouts.
- Phrase: It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.
- Tripping the light fantastic: Dancing away,painting the town red.
- Greased Lightning (As the song from Grease goes)
- In ‘light’ of this new development, let us plan our next move.
- Light up, as in lighting a ciggie.(No, not me, tku..I’m just a silent observer and a passive smoke-inhaler..Arghh)

- Sun-light streaming through the bedroom windows in the morning.

It also reminds me of something I always wonder: At home,we say 'Switch on the light'(Light on karna,in Hindi) this the right way to say it? Or,should we say'switch on the bulb/electricity/tubelight'???

And, now, how about some bad’ lights’? Like:
- Driving through a red light: leads to hefty fines out here.
- A Red Light District,a la: Mumbai's RLD's in movies, or, Holland's RLD,which literally has Red Lights,like on top of a police siren, all around 'those' buildings,to warn the good ones to stay away.
Any more? Additions welcome,BUFers.
Till next time,cheers!Have a nice week.


  1. red light district. lol. thats into "bad" lights...

    I'm still yet to post my intro post in BUF here. I soooo wish to. Probably tonite. :)

    the pic is funny :D

  2. its better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. wow. good quote. thx. :)

  3. how abt babt light my fire? LOL!


  4. Wow! Great site! Great photo's!
    Great read!

  5. That photo is classic! And true!

  6. lol the pic is fantastic!

    all i can think about is weight ... i wanna be light weight :( :(

    and it also reminds me of a chapter in school ... i think it was the most difficult chapter in Physics!

    and errrh thats it .. u covered almost everything .... its stupid .. but when i read the titles first ... the first thing came in my mind after reading light was "RDL" ;p ;p ... coz u knw when I was going to Paris with a friend of mine recently ... we both booked a hotel on the internet ... which was situated in central Paris ... right next to Moulin Rouge .. and it was VERY cheap .... when i told this to mom all excited and proud that we were saving money .. my mom was like "u kiddin me? its gotta be a red light area!!" lol .. and omg omg when i did some R n D on the internet ... yes it was ... surrounded by sex shops and brothels too probably!! loll

    how was ur diwali?? had fun :)

  7. I meant ***BABY light my fire

    lol sorry abt the typo Amit!


  8. Hi, amaze me sometimes-you want me to put RDL into 'good'lights??
    Waiting for your intro post...quick,quick!
    Glad you liked the quote.
    Keshi,that's a good one.*notes for part 2*
    Catherine-thank you.Do be back and think of joining our cozy group,if you want to be a part of it.
    Yoga gal- glad you liked it.Do be back.
    Loon Gal,tks for that comment..from the pic to lightweight.:)

    Yes,light was a tough chapter in school.All about prisms and electricity generation,et al.

    LOL at your Paris experience and discovering that the area was a danger zone-do share it in detail,in your 'light'post,please!