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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Word:Fault- a few hometruths: AmitL

Now,that's a word even I can't find fault with,to make it,err,more funny. But, I really feel 'fault' is a funny word. I mean,it instantly brings to mind all the experiences I've had since the last few years, where 'fault' was everyone's favourite word, leaving me wondering whether anyone was at fault or all were at fault? With a smile, I realize 'none were at fault'.

At work:
In my previous company,me and a Brit colleague used to call every problem,the beginning of another 'blame game'. The ringmaster(Boss) would call the team related to the problem and the discussion would start,with all the self-righteous ones(supposedly) going red in the face, with their' I told him,he didn't get back to me', I asked him to do this', 'It's not my fault that he doesn't do his job', and, all due admiration to the boss,he'd be able to find out who the culprit was, and would end up giving him a good full volume shouting lesson.(Yup, the world out here is like that,unlike India,where,even though it's begun to be a dog-eat-dog industry, people still respect the next person).

Like,here,after such a discussion, people would be gleefully discussing between themselves how the boss 'ne uski chaddi utaar di'(The Boss took off the guy's underpants), in teaching him a lesson. (See pic on left for illustration)

Thankfully,I was one of the trusted few who was known to abide by the truth and never got a shouting,even though many tried playing the blame game with me.

The simple lesson(My first boss taught me this one) to remember is, work is like the game of 'passing the parcel'.When the music stops, you'd better make sure the ball is not in your table..if it is, you're responsible.(It's your fault,rather).

A suggestion(laughingly made): If you can't convince them,confuse them.
In personal life:

LOL..I can think of dozens of 'faults'.

- You gain weight,you say' oh,it's not my fault'...I was ill/ I had no choice of food/it was too hot/cold to go walking/exercise/eating outside food is something which makes you gain weight...arre,man,why not admit-you can't resist that yummy gulabjamun or that tasty wada-pav? At least it'll make you feel happy. And, as a solution,begin keeping a diary-of what you eat during the day,and what physical exercise you do to work it off.
(LOL-a secret-now,the above dialogue was also to encourage myself, instead of saying to myself that 'it's my fault that my weight's gone up a bit, lately'..haha.)

- You get up late and are late for school/college- it's the alarm's's not loud enough/it didn't ring. Or, parents/partner didn't wake you up. Baba, if you're too lazy to get up on time,admit'll make you feel happy,believe me,to face up to the truth,again!

- Overate? Feeling sleepy? It was all the rice and the oil in the food. LOL..why not admit it's your fault again- why didn't you stop when your stomach said 'I'm 3/4ths full'?

- When you're stressed out or angry at something/someone, the anger comes out on the unsuspecting person(BF/GF/hubby/wifey/kiddo/autorickshawalla/...) and you behave as if it's their fault. I especially see this in Mumbai in the evenings...people,tired out,are haggling away,screaming at the autorick guy that it's his fault that the meter shows a high reading, even though he's brought you by the usual route.

So, BUFers, next time you feel angry and want to burst out at someone, telling them 'it's your fault', why not think for a moment, and ponder over the cause of the fault? More than half the time,believe me,you'll realize it was your own fault.Admit it,and be cheerful.And,even if it's someone else's fault,but,it'll make the atmosphere better if you take part of the blame,partly compromising your ego but definitely not your dignity-try it once and see!(I did,that's why I'm saying this)

Now, if you say you yawned reading this post, well, it's not my 'fault'....with so many people still enjoying their Diwali siesta, I thought I needed to jolt people out of their ennui, and tell them'it's your fault that BUF is silent these days'...but, I just can't do, guys and gals,better post,or else my next 'word' is coming soon!Hello,are you listening????


  1. Yeah right! More than half the time .. it's our own fault huh! grrrrrrrr its not trueeeee!!

    and very interesting - "If u can't convince them confuse them" ... am gonna start doing this now :D

    You cover everything man ... lol u shud leave something for us poor BUFers too lol

    Its YOUR FAULT that no one other than you is able to post anythin on these topics ;p ;p ;p ;p

  2. Amit I agree that often when we r quick to blame someone else, it's really our takes time to sink in. But its not ALWAYS the case. There r times when others r to be blamed as well...we r not the only ppl who make mistakes. Everyone does.

    **You cover everything man ... lol u shud leave something for us poor BUFers too lol

    LOL Cheesy! Amit is too good at writing he's to be blamed :) yes.

    Great post!


  3. Hi,Loon Gal..noooo,no instant reactions-think of the last five times you were blaming someone-weren't you at even 5% fault?:)

    If you can't convince them...:)Will wait to see how you confused people..that should be interesting.

    I cover everything?? get the 'excuse of the year' award..there's so much more I can think of about 'fault',and,nothing complex,just daily life incidents.:)

    It's MY fault that no one else is able to post?ROFL.

    Tks for some great comments.

  4. Hi, I said,'More than half the time,believe me,you'll realize it was your own fault'..And,at other times, it helps to just agree and finish off an's too short,so why spend time in arguments? Also, as I said, you shouldn't compromise your dignity,just a wee bit of ego,and see how it works out.

    LOL at your remark,agreeing with Cheesy..*blushes*.:)

    Tks for the comments.